(76% win/loss ratio from 613 matches)
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 Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban 1 Jan 2002
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 21 Jan 2010 44
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 76% wins from 613 matches
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About Us

The Bravado Gaming brand serves home to some of the best competitive gamers in South Africa while simultaneously growing and supplying the competitive E-Sports Scene.

Bravado Gaming is a reputable and highly respected competitive E-Sports organization based in South Africa. It comprises currently of a Counter-Strike:GO, COD:Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Starcraft II, Dota 2 and Quake Live team, all of which very highly ranked in the South African gaming scene.

Established in 2002, as one of South Africa's oldest competitive teams, Bravado continues to go from strength to strength.

Vision of Bravado Gaming
A local scene where the paradigm of gaming is shifted from a hobby to a lifestyle, and the standard for e-sports events and competition are at a world-class level.

Mission of Bravado Gaming:
To bring e-sports to the masses by creating a lifestyle brand that unites the gaming hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals under one banner.

Bravado Gaming is proudly sponsored by ALIENWARE, Intel, Razer, CourierIT and The Corex Alliance.

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Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
bravado™ CentAndreas Hadjipaschali28 years Johannesburg21 Jan 2010
bravado™ DetronyDimitri Hadjipaschali24 years 24 Jan 2010
bravado™ AnthraxBarry LouzadaPretoria19 Jan 2012
bravado™ choseNAndrew Ferguson24 years Cape Town8 Feb 2010
bravado™ HackeMDean Seyfried23 years Cape Town9 Jun 2010
bravado™ RoBoHoBoLuca Tucconi23 years Cape Town24 Mar 2011
bravado™ deviaNtRichard Groves26 years Johannesburg4 Apr 2011
bravado™ SuumpmolkSean McCalgan28 years Johannesburg18 Jan 2012
bravado™ enigma-shiftyCraven Buitendach28 years Pretoria18 Jan 2012
bravado™ lCoUcHlDanie Zwarts29 years Gauteng18 Jan 2012
bravado™ SteigerzThomas Reid26 years Johannesburg19 Jan 2012
bravado™ scantAnthony Hodgson26 years Cape Town2 May 2012
bravado™ Rora1Greg van der Spuy26 years Jhb2 Jun 2012
bravado™ SkibletDuncan Frickel19 years Durban1 Dec 2012
bravado™ oDuWesley Rose21 years Pretoria24 Mar 2013
bravado™ Grizzlah_ZALyle Thuynsma26 Mar 2013
bravado™ SpaceFrogZAKarlo Lukic29 years Vanderbijlpark18 May 2013
bravado™ zhomyyTyron Craig22 years Johannesburg6 Aug 2013
bravado™ FlarezLeon Wong24 years 17 Jan 2014
bravado™ DONITHEBEASTDonio Teixeira20 years Cape Town17 Jan 2014
bravado™ pooqiabdur-rahim kamdar22 years Durban17 Jan 2014
bravado™ StainWesley Neveling23 years Witbank17 Jan 2014
bravado™ seeMMohamed Wasim Lorgat22 years Cape Town17 Jan 2014
bravado™ D3v01dChristopher Altona22 years Pretoria17 Jan 2014
bravado™ TerraDaniel Bowden20 years Cape Town18 Jan 2014
bravado™ HybzMatthew 27 years Cape Town19 Jan 2014
bravado™ racnoDane Friedman27 years Cape Town27 Mar 2014
bravado™ SmacKaWazeer Kamdar26 years Durban2 Jun 2014
bravado™ FERRARI458Liam Berrill23 years Cape Town6 Jun 2014
bravado™ Consp1racyWillie van Graan17 years Robertson3 Jan 2015
bravado™ DotEXEMichael Verwey24 years Cape Town12 Jan 2015
bravado™ AntagonistJonathan Megit24 years 12 Jan 2015
bravado™ TrogiePeter Kirov18 years JHB19 Jan 2015
bravado™ anthemChristopher Lake24 years Durban20 Jan 2015
bravado™ LighteRTZThulani sishi22 years Durban21 Jan 2015
bravado™ LyricalformatHamo ManukyanJohannesburg22 Jan 2015
bravado™ welpCharl Geldenhuys18 years Cape Town22 Jan 2015
bravado™ MythWesley Chang20 years 15 Feb 2015
bravado™ T-BoNeTyron Hartle23 years Cape Town16 Feb 2015
bravado™ CumSteynSteyn de klerk19 years centurion18 Feb 2015
bravado™ NoxvilleBen Steenhuisen26 years Cape Town22 Feb 2015
bravado™ rose 23 Feb 2015
bravado™ MongerZStephan Byliefeldt21 years Johannesburg9 Mar 2015
bravado™ TroniXCody Meyer19 years Cape Town31 Mar 2015

Team Line-up History

Team: bvd™ Counter-Strike (csgo)
(57% win/loss ratio from 116 matches)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
bravado™ DetronyCaptain (Manager)Dimitri Hadjipaschali24 years
bravado™ LighteRTZCaptainThulani sishi22 years Durban
bravado™ anthemPlayerChristopher Lake24 years Durban
bravado™ deviaNtPlayerRichard Groves26 years Johannesburg
bravado™ racnoPlayerDane Friedman27 years Cape Town
bravado™ CentReserveAndreas Hadjipaschali28 years Johannesburg
bravado™ FlarezReserveLeon Wong24 years
bravado™ RoBoHoBoReserveLuca Tucconi23 years Cape Town

Team: bvd™ Emotion (dota2)
(88% win/loss ratio from 26 matches)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
bravado™ DONITHEBEASTCaptainDonio Teixeira20 years Cape Town
bravado™ seeMVice-Captain (Manager)Mohamed Wasim Lorgat22 years Cape Town
bravado™ FERRARI458PlayerLiam Berrill23 years Cape Town
bravado™ pooqiPlayerabdur-rahim kamdar22 years Durban
bravado™ welpPlayerCharl Geldenhuys18 years Cape Town
bravado™ anthemReserveChristopher Lake24 years Durban
bravado™ FlarezReserveLeon Wong24 years
bravado™ MythReserveWesley Chang20 years
bravado™ T-BoNeReserveTyron Hartle23 years Cape Town

Team: bvd™ Battlefield (BF4)
(100% win/loss ratio from 9 matches)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
bravado™ SuumpmolkCaptain (Manager)Sean McCalgan28 years Johannesburg
bravado™ Grizzlah_ZASenior PlayerLyle Thuynsma25 years
bravado™ lCoUcHlSenior PlayerDanie Zwarts29 years Gauteng
bravado™ SpaceFrogZASenior PlayerKarlo Lukic29 years Vanderbijlpark
bravado™ AutoMAtticJunior PlayerMatthew Dickson19 years Johannesburg
bravado™ QuamshotReserveKarl Otto23 years Cape Town

Team: bvd™ Blue (dota2)
(100% win/loss ratio from 9 matches)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
bravado™ scantCaptain (Manager)Anthony Hodgson26 years Cape Town
bravado™ oDuVice-CaptainWesley Rose21 years Pretoria
bravado™ choseNPlayerAndrew Ferguson24 years Cape Town
bravado™ SmacKaPlayerWazeer Kamdar26 years Durban
bravado™ welpPlayerCharl Geldenhuys18 years Cape Town
bravado™ HybzReserveMatthew 27 years Cape Town

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