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 South-Africa 1 Sep 2007
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 27 Feb 2008 88
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About Us
Deadly Alliance Clan is a South-African based online gaming clan. The clan was founded on 1 September 2007 and we are now one of the top clans in South-Africa. We cater for the more mature player therefore we do not accept members under the age of 18.

If you would like to join DAC please go to and fill out a application form. No under 18's please.

DAC clan is a close nit bunch of gamers that consists of several real-life friends who have been playing many different types of PC Games for many years.

Most of us have huge experience in the games we play and I am sure a lot can be learned from our members.

We focus on recruiting mature, friendly, and loyal members. This allows us to maintain strong relationships between all of the members for a better gaming experience and easier progression as a whole.

We are currently hoping to recruit people interested in finding a mature clan that plans to take our gaming to the next level.

Join us if you think you have what it takes to be a DAC!!!!

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
=DAC=WillWillem Oosthuizen45 years Boksburg27 Feb 2008
=DAC=JansenHendrik Jansen41 years Pretoria27 Feb 2008
=DAC=MuunkeyPeter Van As29 years Durban5 Dec 2011
=DAC=LemmingSAHans de Waal44 years Mokopane22 Jan 2010
=DAC=h3dsh0t_za 4 Aug 2010
=DAC=CurelessChiefRJ Hanekom32 years Douglas6 Dec 2011
=DAC=bucksterzaByron Thomas36 years Durban9 Jan 2012
=DAC=LithiumX_ZADylan Smith25 years Johannesburg22 Feb 2012
=DAC=RestInPeacesZAAndries NiemandtStilfontein6 Feb 2013
=DAC=JesterBarend WeidemanJohannesburg26 Mar 2013
=DAC=C.U.B.EDamian Minnie22 years PTA27 Mar 2013
Senior Player
=DAC=ZonkieWerner Verschuur38 years Vanderbijlpark28 Feb 2008
=DAC=RSA.RidderJaco Prinsloo37 years Pretoria3 Mar 2008
=DAC=SnooJustin Weyers29 years Port Elizabeth12 Aug 2008
=DAC=InvaderGrant Wallbridge28 years Douglas24 Nov 2008
=DAC=StarKByron Boucher29 years Port Elizabeth10 Mar 2009
=DAC=Whaagh!Brian Wallbridge26 years Richards Bay16 Mar 2009
=DAC=RSA.RidderJaco Prinsloo37 years Pretoria7 Apr 2010
=DAC=KietsieKatMaritza Schoeman26 years Durban6 Dec 2011
=DAC=DArFvAD3RAylmer de Kock22 years Uvongo23 Apr 2012
=DAC=SharkBaitWerner Barnard34 years Steelpoort21 May 2013
=DAC=Who Cares 15 Nov 2013
=DAC=Stiglitz86Stanley VenterJohannesburg22 Jan 2010
=DAC=Ac!d77Jp Nel24 years Pretoria8 Aug 2010
=DAC=CrzChaosMartin Jacobs26 years Durban30 Mar 2011
=DAC=RSA-OritakuClifford Barratt32 years Durban8 Dec 2011
=DAC=0_Gh05t_0Clive moore45 years Durban10 Jan 2012
=DAC=renji1987Daniel Barratt29 years Durban6 Feb 2012
=DAC=big_sheepieCJ Coetzee26 years Johannesburg21 Feb 2012
=DAC=Foxhound 27 Feb 2012
=DAC=ApaChaiduwayne jonkerdespatch27 Feb 2012
=DAC=CiCiFace 28 Feb 2012
=DAC=Gung fu 5 Mar 2012
=DAC=RattikusChris 37 years Cape Town31 Mar 2012
=DAC=PillatosDewet 29 years Johannesburg1 Apr 2012
=DAC=KATAlYST767cullen gilfillan21 years 6 Apr 2012
=DAC=ScorCheDFrancois De Vries23 years Pretoria10 Apr 2012
=DAC=crZBladeWynand Botha27 years Port Elizabeth11 Apr 2012
=DAC=GeneralRSAPhil Pretoria21 Apr 2012
=DAC=Black-GoodbyeRyan van Rensburg30 years Cape Town23 Apr 2012
=DAC=SandyVaJJBradley Bailey26 years Port Elizabeth13 May 2012
=DAC=Piesang_zaLeander Fourie26 years Cape Town1 Aug 2012
=DAC=JayEnaRErvin vd merwe30 years Potchefstroom2 Aug 2012
=DAC=L3g3ndRSAKyle Moore23 years Durban7 Jan 2013
=DAC=Rekkie 31 years witbank13 Jan 2013
=DAC=FACEbRiCkClinton Briggs22 years Mooi River15 Feb 2013
=DAC=SakkelsNeville Wessels22 years Arnot27 Mar 2013
=DAC=LoreJacques De Ru29 years Kuruman7 Apr 2013
=DAC=3n1cmaEtttienne Liebenberg32 years Kathu (Northen Cape)14 May 2013
=DAC=KilltroX_ZARudi Joubert25 years Stellenbosch15 May 2013
=DAC=WoefkardoeksJaco Bloem24 years Richardsbay16 May 2013
=DAC=Doc FearlessMichael Carolin47 years Durban9 Jan 2014
=DAC=CareTakeRKobus Gericke31 years Warmbaths13 Jan 2014
=DAC=StaunchyWerner Wessels25 years Roodepoort13 Jan 2014
=DAC=zZorr0Tom van Herzeele46 years 15 Jan 2014
=DAC=LauakiLouis Fourie29 years Postmasburg16 Jan 2014
=DAC=!chXn!Marianne Koetzee17 Jan 2014
=DAC=JekotBrenden Ackermann25 years Port Elizbeth18 Mar 2014
=DAC=DeathsinnerHarry van Zyl24 years Vanderbijlpark24 Apr 2014
=DAC=nemoQuinton Erasmus7 Jan 2015
=DAC=MercuryHenk Meyer16 years Pretoria7 Jan 2015
=DAC=FireBladeRiaan jonker22 years Despatch14 Jan 2015
=DAC=SerriathWilliam Francis25 years Johannesburg15 Jan 2015
=DAC=RIPiecesZAJames Phillips24 years Johannesburg20 Jan 2015
=DAC=BoetJohan Geyser27 years Despatch23 Jan 2015
=DAC=MolemonsterMichael Phillips21 years Johannesburg24 Jan 2015
=DAC=TiMMeHTimothy Bosch22 years Bloemfontein3 Feb 2015
=DAC=GandhiZAMitchell Herrmann24 years jhb12 Feb 2015
=DAC=KoOblaAbraham Pretoria18 Feb 2015
=DAC=sighduckJoshua Smit23 years Johannesburg16 Apr 2015
=DAC=DemonChris Schutte23 years Kempton Park4 May 2015
=DAC=FlaminggoochBradley Marais26 years Joburg20 May 2015
=DAC=SouthAfricanDanDaniel Morris22 years Cape Town21 May 2015
=DAC=FirestormNeville Puttergill42 years East London21 May 2015
=DAC=RoesFanus BamNelspruit24 May 2015
=DAC=Tater 36 years Nelspruit24 May 2015
=DAC=AdipsHendrik Boshoff30 years Nelspruit21 Jun 2015
Casual Player
=DAC=Ch8s3rGerrit PotgieterJeffreys Bay27 Feb 2008
=DAC=DP3050Duwayne Prinsloo31 years Pretoria2 Mar 2008
=DAC=OckertOckert Pienaar51 years Mokopane24 Jan 2010
=DAC=pHac3tMichael Adams37 years Gauteng21 May 2010
=DAC=FibreTekJason AdamsJohannesburg23 May 2010
=DAC=RAPTORJohan De Wet37 years JHB20 Sep 2010
=DAC=Jou Bliksem 11 Apr 2012
=DAC=tOpSRowan Horsley30 years Durban16 Apr 2012
=DAC=ValekMichael Venter33 years Uvongo10 Jan 2013
=DAC=GameKiller999Cameron Thomas33 years Gold Coast15 Jan 2013
=DAC=VB-BoMichael Joubert30 years Pretoria10 May 2013

Team Line-up History

Team: =DAC=Resurrection (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
=DAC=LithiumX_ZACaptain (Manager)Dylan Smith25 years Johannesburg
=DAC=Black-GoodbyePlayerRyan van Rensburg30 years Cape Town
=DAC=Doc FearlessPlayerMichael Carolin47 years Durban
=DAC=GandhiZAPlayerMitchell Herrmann24 years jhb
=DAC=Gung fuPlayer 49 years
=DAC=RIPiecesZAReserveJames Phillips24 years Johannesburg
=DAC=SouthAfricanDanReserveDaniel Morris22 years Cape Town
=DAC=Stiglitz86ReserveStanley Venter30 years Johannesburg
=DAC=WoefkardoeksReserveJaco Bloem24 years Richardsbay
=DAC=zZorr0Tom van Herzeele46 years

Team: =DAC=Destruction (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
=DAC=C.U.B.ECaptainDamian Minnie22 years PTA
=DAC=3n1cmaPlayerEtttienne Liebenberg32 years Kathu (Northen Cape)
=DAC=AdipsPlayerHendrik Boshoff30 years Nelspruit
=DAC=ApaChaiPlayerduwayne jonker27 years despatch
=DAC=BoetPlayerJohan Geyser27 years Despatch
=DAC=SakkelsPlayerNeville Wessels22 years Arnot
=DAC=SerriathPlayer (Manager)William Francis25 years Johannesburg
=DAC=sHoCkZzPlayerEldon Schafer18 years Despatch
=DAC=TiMMeHReserveTimothy Bosch22 years Bloemfontein

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