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- Working together as one, We can accomplish anything.
 https://www.facebook.com/heyrogaming?ref=br_tf  South Africa
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 Pretoria 1 May 2013
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 26 May 2013 61
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About Us
HEYRO is a PC Gaming clan, based around our core fundamentals of trust, loyalty, hard work, and sportsmanship. HEYRO was founded not only to compete with the best clans around, but rather strive for excellence to be the very best PC team on the network.

HEYRO was created to promote a clean environment to compete in competitive play and public lobby matches. HEYRO holds their members to a higher standard when it comes to maturity level, as it is not just any other clan. Our goal is simple; to win every battle we participate in and to win with honor and dignity, all the time, every time.

We at HEYRO would like to strive on our future and build upon a winning team, and continued dominance into the future. It is up to all of us at HEYRO to work as one, to bring titles and dignity to what will one day become a historic gaming clan. When you are wearing our HEYRO clan tag, working together as one, we can accomplish anything.

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
[HG]PoenaJacques Knoetze36 years Cape Town26 May 2013
[HG]PandemicSean Weideman28 years Witbank1 Jul 2014
[HG]SpAcEEdward de Klerk21 years Johannesburg23 Nov 2014
[HG]CeltusJacques Baumann42 years Cape Town19 Nov 2014
[HG]V@mp!r3Dale Allen43 years Kimberley7 Apr 2014
[HG]vliesbomVaughan Brown55 years Germiston25 May 2014
[HG].......ComGerhard Luus35 years Gauteng 29 Jun 2014
[HG]Bunnymol3st3rAntuan Cillers19 years kimberley5 Jul 2014
[HG]BlaizieBlaize Labuschagne22 years Pretoria17 Sep 2014
[HG]MadroXEben Vermaak35 years Uitenhage25 Dec 2014
[HG]JonyBoyJonathan van der Breggen21 years Pretoria2 Jan 2015
[HG]FLYGUNNERLouis knight29 years Kimberley2 Jan 2015
[HG]jUnk1eSp0oN 37 years Pretoria2 Jan 2015
[HG]BlackCodeSieghard Iske42 years 11 Jan 2015
[HG]floxiAnro van Tonder19 years Pretoria21 Jan 2015
[HG]RusTeDmeTaLWynand Lotter18 years Malelane22 Jan 2015
[HG]BEASTbaTXhander van Hoek24 years Johannesburg9 Mar 2015
[HG]level upAndre Breet41 years Jhb11 Mar 2015
[HG]DeJaVoOFanie van Vuuren32 years Newcastle12 Mar 2015
[HG]Nox_MortemDonovan de klerk26 years Middelburg12 Mar 2015
[HG]Trickst3rTaariq Randeree26 years CAPE TOWN12 Mar 2015
[HG]Lizzerdhenco lidderd28 years durban30 Mar 2015
[HG]PoultrygeistHeiko van Hoek20 years Johannesburg30 Mar 2015
[HG]Shifty<3Peter Pansegrouw19 years Paarl5 Apr 2015
[HG]DieOom_ZAJaco Terblanche45 years Riebeeckstad19 May 2015
[HG]Tom_TysonTyron Steffers26 years alberton21 May 2015
[HG]ToiletduckKyle Gravett20 years 21 May 2015
[HG]ZerggieBrandon Bester20 years Langebaan24 May 2015
[HG]SlayerPhilip Pansegrouw16 years Paarl14 Jun 2015
[HG]2nd KindChristiaan Liebenberg20 years Johannesburg10 Aug 2015
[HG]baltazharSebastian Kozakiewicz28 years Benoni10 Aug 2015
[HG]LmNTriXRoxanne Muller33 years Cape Town11 Aug 2015
[HG]IroncladAidan Thompson21 years Johannesburg11 Aug 2015
[HG]ShadowPaul Weitsz26 years Port Elizabeth26 Oct 2015
[HG]Viva™Andre de Bruin32 years Springs20 Nov 2015
[HG]SoftEmuChristopher Shortland16 years Johannesburg20 Nov 2015
[HG]BLADEChristo Strydom39 years Port Elizabeth20 Nov 2015
[HG]SNAKEHannes Greyling21 years Johannesburg21 Nov 2015
[HG]Knock knock-Roan Van der Westhuizen20 years Brackenfell23 Nov 2015
[HG]JumboKelly Pienaar29 years Gauteng23 Nov 2015
[HG]Whistler ™Heinrich Steenkamp27 years Port Elizabeth23 Nov 2015
[HG]_FalleN_Michael Shortland19 years Johannesburg23 Nov 2015
[HG]PlermuisCobus De Lange22 years Bloemhof23 Nov 2015
[HG]KaiiJovan Fick1 years Cape Town24 Nov 2015
[HG]RymAn 1st 25 Nov 2015
[HG]Trigger Happy 25 Nov 2015
[HG]Stryker1138Jandré Weideman21 years Klerksdorp26 Nov 2015
[HG]MOzzyFrancois Engelbrecht24 years Stellenbosch1 Dec 2015
[HG]P34S4NTMark Ihlenfeldt20 years Cape Town 1 Dec 2015
[HG]TrevsAlex Pretorius17 years Cape Town1 Dec 2015
[HG]OupaWihan Uys17 years Rustenburg16 Dec 2015
[HG]HulkmanTimothy Hattingh20 years Pretoria16 Dec 2015
[HG]Nigm/\Ruahan Kampman20 years Capetown16 Dec 2015
[HG]NextLvlCreepHeinrich Hattingh20 years Cape Town5 Jan 2016
[HG]-M3-Julian Tanzer24 years Cape Town / Stellenbosch12 Jan 2016
[HG]GeneraalDaniël Saayman17 years Kimberley12 Jan 2016
Casual Player
[HG]RascalRussell Scholtz39 years East London30 Sep 2013
[HG]GekoKarel-Wynand Croeser25 years P.A.Halmet19 Jan 2014
[HG]AsylumMark de Beer35 years Ramsgate19 Jan 2014
[HG]eOrDaveron Gunn38 years East london14 Oct 2014
[HG]FaXityRico Barnard21 years Port Elizabeth20 May 2015

Team Line-up History

Team: [HG]Sixth Sense (codaw)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[HG].......ComCaptainGerhard Luus35 years Gauteng
[HG]BlackCodeVice-CaptainSieghard Iske42 years
[HG]floxiPlayerAnro van Tonder19 years Pretoria
[HG]LmNTriXPlayer (Manager)Roxanne Muller33 years Cape Town
[HG]vliesbomPlayerVaughan Brown55 years Germiston
[HG]DieOom_ZAReserveJaco Terblanche45 years Riebeeckstad
[HG]FLYGUNNERReserveLouis knight29 years Kimberley
[HG]NextLvlCreepReserveHeinrich Hattingh20 years Cape Town

Team: [HG]Sanitas (codaw)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[HG]CeltusCaptain (Manager)Jacques Baumann42 years Cape Town
[HG]PandemicVice-CaptainSean Weideman28 years Witbank
[HG]Bunnymol3st3rPlayerAntuan Cillers19 years kimberley
[HG]MadroXPlayerEben Vermaak35 years Uitenhage
[HG]Shifty<3PlayerPeter Pansegrouw19 years Paarl
[HG]JonyBoyReserveJonathan van der Breggen21 years Pretoria
[HG]OupaReserveWihan Uys17 years Rustenburg
[HG]SNAKEReserveHannes Greyling21 years Johannesburg

Team: [HG]Majimbos (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[HG]BEASTbaTCaptain (Manager)Xhander van Hoek24 years Johannesburg
[HG]Tom_TysonVice-CaptainTyron Steffers26 years alberton
[HG]FaXityPlayerRico Barnard21 years Port Elizabeth
[HG]PoultrygeistPlayerHeiko van Hoek20 years Johannesburg
[HG]ToiletduckPlayerKyle Gravett20 years

Team: [HG]Mercury (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[HG]SpAcECaptain (Manager)Edward de Klerk21 years Johannesburg
[HG]ZerggieVice-CaptainBrandon Bester20 years Langebaan
[HG]IroncladPlayerAidan Thompson21 years Johannesburg
[HG]SoftEmuPlayerChristopher Shortland16 years Johannesburg
[HG]_FalleN_PlayerMichael Shortland19 years Johannesburg
[HG]2nd KindReserveChristiaan Liebenberg20 years Johannesburg

Team: [HG]Vulcan (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[HG]Viva™Captain (Manager)Andre de Bruin32 years Springs
[HG]BLADEVice-CaptainChristo Strydom39 years Port Elizabeth
[HG]baltazharPlayerSebastian Kozakiewicz28 years Benoni
[HG]JumboPlayerKelly Pienaar29 years Gauteng
[HG]Whistler ™PlayerHeinrich Steenkamp27 years Port Elizabeth
[HG]Nox_MortemReserveDonovan de klerk26 years Middelburg

Team: [HG]quadNation (codaw)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[HG]PoenaCaptain (Manager)Jacques Knoetze36 years Cape Town
[HG]Knock knock-Vice-CaptainRoan Van der Westhuizen20 years Brackenfell
[HG]HulkmanPlayerTimothy Hattingh20 years Pretoria
[HG]KaiiPlayerJovan Fick1 years Cape Town
[HG]MOzzyPlayerFrancois Engelbrecht24 years Stellenbosch
[HG]Nigm/\ReserveRuahan Kampman20 years Capetown
[HG]P34S4NTReserveMark Ihlenfeldt20 years Cape Town
[HG]TrevsReserveAlex Pretorius17 years Cape Town

Team: [HG]Liberation (codaw)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[HG]ShadowCaptain (Manager)Paul Weitsz26 years Port Elizabeth
[HG]Brother ZAPlayer
[HG]SlayerPlayerPhilip Pansegrouw16 years Paarl
[HG]Stryker1138PlayerJandré Weideman21 years Klerksdorp

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