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About Us
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We are an MGO competing professionally in most competitive eSports titles.


DGC 2014 Results:

CS:GO Telkom Gaming Championships 2014 - 2nd Place
Dota 2 Telkom Gaming Championships 2014 - 4th Place


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Notes: has been renamed to iFG.Tilt

We iFG.dfeKt who played for the clan dfeKt in leg Summer Leg during the 2015 season, have transferred to the clan iFG.dfeKt. Our line-up has remained legal and we have followed all of the Do Gaming League regulations throughout the team transfer process.

We iFG.d2 who played for the clan Some Random Slackers in leg Summer Leg during the 2015 season, have transferred to the clan Infinity Gaming. Our line-up has remained legal and we have followed all of the Do Gaming League regulations throughout the team transfer process.

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
iFG.SkyChief.Logitechanthony nell34 years cape town10 Jul 2014
iFG.Konvict.LogitechHadlee Smith25 years Cape Town25 May 2015
iFG.WaRhammY.LogitechStelio da Silva30 years Pretoria6 May 2014
iFG.Desimis.LogitechChristian Cape Town15 Jan 2015
iFG.FeedKing.Logitech 9 Sep 2013
iFG.NotioN.Logitech Cape Town24 May 2015
Senior Player
iFG.Phalanx.LogitechRowan Budhai25 years 2 Dec 2013
Player van der Merwe24 years Pretoria8 May 2014
iFG.540.LogitechKyle Kwan27 years Cape Town9 Sep 2014
iFG.Lotus.LogitechJethro Burnett Thorburn21 years Grahamstown9 Sep 2014
iFG.Fever.LogitechAlan Homewood28 years Cape Town19 Jan 2015
iFG.Dushky.LogitechDusan Gnjatic25 years Durban19 Jan 2015
iFG.Dawn.Logitechdehan truter20 years Capetown20 Jan 2015
iFG.Boepie.LogitechNicholas Walter Miller21 years Cape Town20 Jan 2015
iFG.FrOzeN.LogitechNikola Gnjatic26 years Durban20 Jan 2015
iFG.Fenner.LogitechJustin Moorcroft24 years East London21 Jan 2015
iFG.Skiblet.LogitechDuncan Frickel20 years Durban21 Jan 2015
iFG.._..LogitechRichard Delbridge19 years Cape Town23 Jan 2015
iFG.Potas.LogitechDonovan Potgieter29 years Bloemfontein24 May 2015
iFG.fwonbane.LogitechShane Deacon21 years Cape Town24 May 2015
iFG.hoektoe.LogitechMartin Smit29 years Stellenbosch25 May 2015
iFG.fr0st.LogitechWarrick Noble28 years 25 May 2015
iFG.VNDKTR.LogitechSteyn Grobler27 years Cape Town25 May 2015
iFG.takbok1.Logitech 26 May 2015
iFG.Nightowl.LogitechNick 27 years Port Elizabeth11 Jun 2015
iFG. Feeder.LogitechAdam KinderDurban15 Jun 2015
iFG.LetMeSlide.LogitechJack Huo29 years 17 Jun 2015
iFG.FonFon.LogitechJean-luc Roels25 years Knokke20 Jun 2015
iFG.bluecat.Logitechyilun wang26 years JHB20 Jun 2015
iFG.sadkid.LogitechEvan Frickel22 years durban20 Jun 2015
iFG.Depi.LogitechAidan Marshall19 years Cape Town20 Jun 2015
iFG.JimboJambo.LogitechMarko Grobler24 years Durban20 Jun 2015
iFG.pantydropper69.Logitech 12 Jul 2015
iFG.Ceiling_Boob.LogitechTertius de Bruin22 years Pretoria14 Jul 2015
iFG.OMalley.LogitechPhillip Swanepoel25 years Stellenbosch30 Jul 2015
iFG.Nara.LogitechChace StewartCape Town24 Aug 2015
iFG.dNt.LogitechLyndsay Jennings24 years Port Elizabeth26 Sep 2015

Team Line-up History

Team: iFG.Tilt (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
iFG.mds.LogitechCaptain (Manager)Mo James21 years Grahamstown
iFG.540.LogitechSenior PlayerKyle Kwan27 years Cape Town PlayerClaude van der Merwe24 years Pretoria
iFG.Ceiling_Boob.LogitechPlayerTertius de Bruin22 years Pretoria
iFG.Nara.LogitechPlayerChace Stewart25 years Cape Town

Team: iFG.HS (hearth)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
iFG.Phalanx.LogitechSenior PlayerRowan Budhai25 years
iFG.Adastam.LogitechPlayerAdam Moore24 years Cape Town
iFG.Zerstort.LogitechPlayer (Manager)Andre Schoeman28 years Johannesburg

Team: iFG.Salt (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
iFG.Depi.LogitechCaptainAidan Marshall19 years Cape Town
iFG.bluecat.LogitechPlayeryilun wang26 years JHB
iFG.FonFon.LogitechPlayer (Manager)Jean-luc Roels25 years Knokke
iFG.JimboJambo.LogitechPlayerMarko Grobler24 years Durban
iFG.OMalley.LogitechPlayerPhillip Swanepoel25 years Stellenbosch
iFG.sadkid.LogitechPlayerEvan Frickel22 years durban
iFG.Adastam.LogitechReserveAdam Moore24 years Cape Town
iFG.Phalanx.LogitechReserveRowan Budhai25 years
iFG.Zerstort.LogitechReserveAndre Schoeman28 years Johannesburg

Team: iFG.sRs (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
iFG.NotioN.LogitechCaptain (Manager) 23 years Cape Town
iFG.Desimis.LogitechSenior PlayerChristian 23 years Cape Town
iFG.hoektoe.LogitechSenior PlayerMartin Smit29 years Stellenbosch
iFG.Potas.LogitechSenior PlayerDonovan Potgieter29 years Bloemfontein
iFG.Sneaksy.LogitechSenior PlayerDylan Henderson23 years Cape Town
iFG.fwonbane.LogitechReserveShane Deacon21 years Cape Town
iFG.Nightowl.LogitechReserveNick 27 years Port Elizabeth
iFG.SkyChief.LogitechReserveanthony nell34 years cape town

Team: iFG.VeryTT (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
iFG.Fever.LogitechCaptain (Manager)Alan Homewood28 years Cape Town
iFG.Dushky.LogitechVice-CaptainDusan Gnjatic25 years Durban
iFG. Feeder.LogitechSenior PlayerAdam Kinder28 years Durban
iFG.Boepie.LogitechSenior PlayerNicholas Walter Miller21 years Cape Town
iFG.Dawn.LogitechSenior Playerdehan truter20 years Capetown

Team: iFG.dfeKt (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
iFG.Konvict.LogitechCaptain (Manager)Hadlee Smith25 years Cape Town
iFG.zerOchaNce /cb/.LogitechVice-CaptainJames Wijnberg29 years Cape Town
iFG.dNt.LogitechPlayerLyndsay Jennings24 years Port Elizabeth
iFG.fr0st.LogitechPlayerWarrick Noble28 years
iFG.snb.LogitechPlayerKyle McCarthy26 years Cape Town

Team: iFG.Salt- DGC (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
iFG.FonFon.LogitechCaptain (Manager)Jean-luc Roels25 years Knokke
iFG.bluecat.LogitechPlayeryilun wang26 years JHB
iFG.Depi.LogitechPlayerAidan Marshall19 years Cape Town
iFG.OMalley.LogitechPlayerPhillip Swanepoel25 years Stellenbosch
iFG.sadkid.LogitechPlayerEvan Frickel22 years durban

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