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- "There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter!!"  South Africa
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 Lé Net 3 Jan 2014
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About Us


The MaD Hatters is a South African clan, taking part in the Telkom Do Gaming League for various competitive titles such as, League of Legends, OSU!, Hearthstone etc. Our goal is competing in the DGL and expanding the skill level while at the same time maintaining a jubilant attitude towards the game and its rivals. This attitude has captivated many aspiring players, and it is the reason why the clan MaD Hatters was formed.



We Leash.Thresh who played for the clan Unleash Llama in leg 2 during the 2013 season, have transferred to the clan Mad Hatters. Our line-up has remained legal and we have followed all of the Do Gaming League regulations throughout the team transfer process.
We Leash.Thresh have changed our team name to MaDJabberwocky

We MaDJabberwocky have changed our team name to MaDRaven

We BƝB!st who played for the clan BattleƝet Boys in leg 2 during the 2014 season, have transferred to the clan MaD Hatters. Our line-up has remained legal and we have followed all of the Do Gaming League regulations throughout the team transfer process.

We BƝB!st have changed our team name to MaDBƝB!st

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
MaD AfroRaphael van RensburgCape Town3 Jan 2014
MaD ZaniaAnneke Le Roux26 years Pretoria18 Feb 2014
MaD FriarTuck Seattle7 Jan 2014
MaD ZaudecAndré Iljas19 years Stockholm19 May 2014
MaD MaD HellsHoundKyle 24 years Cape Town3 Jan 2014
MaD MaD HunterzHanno Wessels21 years Modimolle3 Jan 2014
MaD MaD IrishidiotLiam O'Neill22 years Pretoria3 Jan 2014
MaD VexalonRushil Keshav26 years Johannesburg4 Jan 2014
MaD MaD OupaJohannes J Wiese31 years Capetown7 Jan 2014
MaD MaD MikeMike Mavlian22 years Beirut19 Jan 2014
MaD MaD HaroutigcoHarout Deurdulian23 years Beirut23 Feb 2014
MaD nF Bae YoungTy McHelm23 years Cape Town22 Apr 2014
MaD MaD SicariusAustin Gill18 years Port Elizabeth6 May 2014
MaD MaD MoistDaniel Kaiser20 years Johannesburg11 May 2014
MaD MaD LivingechoMartin Stokholm25 years Kirke Såby31 May 2014
MaD MaD LunaMeow Bloemfontein2 Jun 2014
MaD FuRRBluRRReinhardt Barwise28 years Pretoria16 Jun 2014
MaD MaD Conrad127Conrad Strauss26 years Pretoria19 Jun 2014
MaD MaD Shadow120Reinhardt RoelofsePort Elizabeth19 Jun 2014
MaD FrontlineSuicideKyle Wong23 years Cape Town19 Jun 2014
MaD MaD jackie shanconnor jensen19 years rønnede2 Jul 2014
MaD MaD 2boss4ujoshua mckay19 years johanesburg3 Jul 2014
MaD MaD Korean LeBlancPieter Pitout21 years Cape Town3 Jul 2014
MaD MaD iwantchips24Ruan Scheepers21 years Johannesburg3 Jul 2014
MaD MaD ThePolaxiusWilliam Thorpe25 years cape town18 Jul 2014
MaD MaD Deathsverdict Kevin Freeman21 years Durban19 Jul 2014
MaD MaD BlackParasiteNeill De Sousa22 years Cape Town25 Jul 2014
MaD MaD UnicornReynier Van Zyl19 years Durban31 Aug 2014
MaD MaD DeathwishDudley Pelser19 years Durban31 Aug 2014
MaD MaD M33Pins4n3Ethan Jamieson19 years East London31 Aug 2014
MaD Death 2 AwaitsShane Els19 years Durban1 Sep 2014
MaD MaD FryFJ Cronje23 years Jeffreys Bay1 Sep 2014
MaD MaD xXChoasXxRiaan Bezuidenhout22 years pretoria1 Sep 2014
MaD MaD Darkstar911Joshua Hennessy20 years Mtubatuba3 Sep 2014
MaD MaD D3TyXeDaniel Hartman20 years Tzaneen5 Sep 2014
MaD ArachneRyan Norden29 years Port Elizabeth7 Sep 2014
MaD LuFaeLuna Fae24 years Pretoria8 Sep 2014
MaD MaD IR ChipmunkDylan Prentis37 years Johannesburg20 Oct 2014
MaD V3NRIZCharle Geldenhuys19 years pretoria22 Oct 2014
MaD MaD ParaLELL0Ryan Lello23 years Durban27 Oct 2014
MaD MaD LleganJohan Nel28 years Middelburg31 Oct 2014
MaD MaD BrimstoneAndrew Miller31 years Pretoria2 Nov 2014
MaD MaD MulletLandon Hunt33 years Pretoria2 Nov 2014
MaD MaD Tcymsomarcio de frietas30 years cape town2 Nov 2014
MaD MaD ScareyCrowRhein Schnetler26 years Port Elizabeth10 Nov 2014
MaD Visions2InsanityRyan Christian Uren22 years Roodepoort30 Nov 2014
MaD MaD Killerpriest47Albert Schreuder23 years Port Elizabeth2 Dec 2014
MaD MaD MuffinOfDoomLuke Knox22 years Durban8 Dec 2014
MaD MaD NagasfuryEddie Rheeder32 years Upington8 Dec 2014
MaD MaD ch4rl20Charl Vermeulen23 years Port Elizabeth12 Dec 2014
MaD MaD RevelutionDaniel Coleman24 years pe3 Jan 2015
MaD Henio007Hendrik Söllner20 years Aachen6 Jan 2015
MaD MaD Weazel36Jarryd Putter24 years Nelspruit6 Jan 2015
MaD MaD AKaXIIIEduan Naude25 years Sasolburg6 Jan 2015
MaD MaD C3raLeon van Dyk26 years Pretoria6 Jan 2015
MaD MaD BoBofWaRShaun Lawrenson23 years Secunda7 Jan 2015
MaD LorD_SaVaGeMark Venter7 Jan 2015
MaD MaD CrYoPredrag Meintjes22 years Pretoria8 Jan 2015
MaD triStaRQuewin Bridger20 years 9 Jan 2015
MaD MaD Why UnKnOwNCJ De Beer28 years Johannesburg10 Jan 2015
MaD MaD PhoenixChris Pretorius27 years Cape Town10 Jan 2015
MaD sG FoxTrotWade Dorling21 years Pretoria10 Jan 2015
MaD DigitalDruggyPJ Pierre Nothnagel21 years Cape Town10 Jan 2015
MaD KnaveNiel Kemp27 years Cape Town11 Jan 2015
MaD MaD DemideeAngel 12 Jan 2015
MaD MaD TheBothanistJaco Botha25 years Cape Town12 Jan 2015
MaD MaD a passing hobo 12 Jan 2015
MaD MaDFollowerMichael Abrahamse29 years Durban12 Jan 2015
MaD MaD oHuSqYoArmandt v.d Merwe24 years Pretoria13 Jan 2015
MaD Picachu Kicking AssNicolaas Loubser26 years Cape Town14 Jan 2015
MaD PFWB De1moJapie Kruger28 years Johannesburg14 Jan 2015
MaD MaD MoghalJD Swart26 years Malmesbury15 Jan 2015
MaD MaD RobdobobRob Elferink21 years Haarlem19 Jan 2015
MaD MaD oOWarMasterOoBranden Rainsford20 years Cape Town20 Jan 2015
MaD MaD FauLty_TOasTerStewart Bailie28 years 22 Jan 2015
MaD MaD LevelzCameron Wright18 years Durban22 Jan 2015
MaD Honey, move like you wantCourtney Timpson26 years Cape Town23 Jan 2015
MaD MaD HeftyTheHippoConor MiddleDitch19 years Capetown23 Jan 2015
MaD MaD NickerusCageNicholas de Waal20 years George23 Jan 2015
MaD StrithNiel de Villiers30 years Cape Town23 Jan 2015
MaD MaDcharlyCharl Murray24 years Pretoria2 Feb 2015
MaD Acronemiawillem du toit25 years vanderbilpark2 Feb 2015
MaD MaD BoomhammerzJuandre Stemmet24 years Garsfontein2 Feb 2015
MaD MaD Shoot2kill7Charl Murray24 years Pretoria2 Feb 2015
MaD MaD GraZZi Gray18 years Cape Town10 Feb 2015
MaD MaD DeviStaTionAlex de Waal16 years Potchefstroom10 Feb 2015
MaD MaD Joshuajoshua wareham21 years durban22 Feb 2015
MaD MaD SmurfboiBjorn Lundberg24 years Senekal23 Feb 2015
MaD MaD 0piuz 24 Feb 2015
MaD Mini-Gumpjoshua weyers20 years pretoria5 Mar 2015
MaD MaD The Trollibearigor vieira19 years capetown5 Mar 2015
MaD CrusaderReinier Schoeman30 years Centurion9 Mar 2015
MaD MaD El GrekoMikael Mandalios24 years Cape Town12 Mar 2015
MaD NavoiNavoi 23 years kr.såby18 Mar 2015
MaD FringeJono Harrison18 years Cape Town31 Mar 2015
MaD Hi5hespen hervik20 years levanger31 Mar 2015
MaD MaD Raging RangaAndrew Woolard18 years Cape Town31 Mar 2015
MaD PoppyPoliceForceLiam 31 Mar 2015
MaD KardianTom Milligan18 years Cape Town1 Apr 2015
MaD MaD DizLTimothy Widmann17 years Lienz14 May 2015
MaD MaD MrMushoFrederik van Zyl29 years East London20 May 2015
MaD MaD AnetonitrusWayne Atkinson30 years Cape Town22 May 2015
MaD MossieKobus le Roux25 years Cape Town24 May 2015
MaD MaD Je5TeRBenjamin Pals35 years Berlin25 May 2015
MaD AngrepskongenJon Kristian 21 years 5 Jun 2015
MaD Hrothgar_DoranJason 25 years Cape Town19 Jun 2015
MaD GirTinus Jackson23 years Pretoria19 Jun 2015
MaD ergillyEuan Gilmour20 years Edinburgh19 Jun 2015
MaD MaD SanariChase Meredith30 years Cape Town19 Jun 2015
MaD Bladetrain3rZiggy Fuchs28 years Cape Town19 Jun 2015
MaD CrmznTwilightJustin Valsecchi22 years Johannesburg19 Jun 2015
MaD ToucHmichael howlett26 years durban21 Jun 2015
MaD Mr Pew PewBryan 28 years Pretoria21 Jun 2015
MaD PenguinZAAndrew Hodgkinson23 years East London29 Jul 2015
MaD WoofGoesDogStefan Wellhoner18 years Cape Town1 Nov 2015
MaD ShadowStep14 1 Nov 2015
MaD Kronic`FlameJaryd Baker16 years durban1 Nov 2015

Team Line-up History

Team: MaDRaven (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD ZaniaCaptain (Manager)Anneke Le Roux26 years Pretoria
MaD AfroVice-CaptainRaphael van Rensburg34 years Cape Town
MaD GirPlayerTinus Jackson23 years Pretoria
MaD GrimNaughtPlayerMyburgh Brink25 years Cpt
MaD Ir0nhydePlayerWilliam Glasson33 years Cape Town
MaD MaD HellsHoundReserveKyle 24 years Cape Town
MaD MaD IrishidiotReserveLiam O'Neill22 years Pretoria
MaD MaD LivingechoReserveMartin Stokholm25 years Kirke Såby
MaD VexalonReserveRushil Keshav26 years Johannesburg

Team: MaDHighTopp (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD Korean YasuoCaptain (Manager)Nicholas Muller17 years Pretoria
MaD ExecterVice-CaptainAndreas Smith27 years Pretoria
MaD KoekiePlayerMaré Ferreira19 years George
MaD V3NRIZPlayerCharle Geldenhuys19 years pretoria

Team: MaDWhite Rabbit (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD Dr0onDanteCaptainFanie Van Wyk29 years Pretoria
MaD GathdrelVice-CaptainJason Isherwood22 years Durban
MaD Ghost127Player (Manager)Shaun Strauss22 years Pretoria
MaD MaD NagasfuryPlayerEddie Rheeder32 years Upington
MaD MasterChiefPlayerMatthew Whiting22 years Durban
MaD MaD Conrad127ReserveConrad Strauss26 years Pretoria
MaD BaD MountainReserveKobus Visagie34 years Centurion
MaD MaD MuffinOfDoomReserveLuke Knox22 years Durban

Team: MaDCheshire (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD MaD Deathsverdict Captain (Manager)Kevin Freeman21 years Durban
MaD MaD BlackParasiteVice-CaptainNeill De Sousa22 years Cape Town
MaD MaD Darkstar911PlayerJoshua Hennessy20 years Mtubatuba
MaD PokeyPlayerBrandon Els19 years Mtubatuba
MaD Red KissPlayerGeorgia Viljoen22 years Cape Town

Team: MaDJabberwocky.DGC (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD ZaniaCaptainAnneke Le Roux26 years Pretoria
MaD AfroVice-CaptainRaphael van Rensburg34 years Cape Town
MaD ArachnePlayerRyan Norden29 years Port Elizabeth
MaD MaD HellsHoundPlayerKyle 24 years Cape Town
MaD MaD IrishidiotPlayerLiam O'Neill22 years Pretoria

Team: MaDEaglet (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD MaD LunaMeowCaptain (Manager) 24 years Bloemfontein
MaD MaDFollowerVice-CaptainMichael Abrahamse29 years Durban
MaD isniePlayer 12 years fd
MaD MaD a passing hoboPlayer 27 years
MaD MaD TheBothanistPlayerJaco Botha25 years Cape Town
MaD DestreoReserveRuan Roolvink24 years Harrismith
MaD MaD El GrekoReserveMikael Mandalios24 years Cape Town
MaD MaD Korean LeBlancReservePieter Pitout21 years Cape Town

Team: MaDRed Knights (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD Visions2InsanityCaptain (Manager)Ryan Christian Uren22 years Roodepoort
MaD MaD AnetonitrusPlayerWayne Atkinson30 years Cape Town
MaD MaD RobdobobPlayerRob Elferink21 years Haarlem
MaD MaD TcymsoPlayermarcio de frietas30 years cape town
MaD SilencerPlayerDarryl Landman25 years Cape Town
MaD MaD HURRICANENUKEReserveJustin Smith20 years Pretoria
MaD MaD IR ChipmunkReserveDylan Prentis37 years Johannesburg
MaD MaD oOWarMasterOoReserveBranden Rainsford20 years Cape Town
MaD MossieReserveKobus le Roux25 years Cape Town

Team: MaDCheshire's Claws (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD PFWB SnakeCaptain (Manager)Brandon Wantenaar24 years Welkom
MaD MaD Weazel36Vice-CaptainJarryd Putter24 years Nelspruit
MaD MaD C3raPlayerLeon van Dyk26 years Pretoria
MaD MaD Je5TeRPlayerBenjamin Pals35 years Berlin
MaD PFWB De1moPlayerJapie Kruger28 years Johannesburg
MaD AngrepskongenReserveJon Kristian 21 years
MaD MaD AKaXIIIReserveEduan Naude25 years Sasolburg
MaD MaD BoBofWaRReserveShaun Lawrenson23 years Secunda

Team: MaDPaint Roses Red (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD LuFaeCaptainLuna Fae24 years Pretoria
MaD MaD PhoenixVice-Captain (Manager)Chris Pretorius27 years Cape Town
MaD HyadesPlayerMark Hoogervorst28 years Beek en Donk
MaD KnavePlayerNiel Kemp27 years Cape Town
MaD MaD MoghalPlayerJD Swart26 years Malmesbury
MaD Hrothgar_DoranReserveJason 25 years Cape Town
MaD Picachu Kicking AssReserveNicolaas Loubser26 years Cape Town
MaD StrithReserveNiel de Villiers30 years Cape Town

Team: MaDVaGue (CODAW-X1)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD VaGue TeChniKzZ Captain (Manager)Wasim Rajah19 years Johannesburg
MaD iTzzAuQuaVice-CaptainAnton Blignaut16 years johannesburg
MaD MaD JuMp3RPlayerChristopher Larsen18 years
MaD MaD LevelzPlayerCameron Wright18 years Durban
MaD MaD DeviStaTionReserveAlex de Waal16 years Potchefstroom
MaD MaD GraZZiReserve Gray18 years Cape Town
MaD MaD JoshuaReservejoshua wareham21 years durban
MaD SinatraFAF ReserveCurtly Roos20 years Cape Town
MaD TristoReserveTristan Naidoo17 years Durban

Team: MaDBƝB!st (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD Mr_PoTaToE_HeADCaptain (Manager)Reggie 28 years Pretoria
MaD Honey, move like you wantPlayerCourtney Timpson26 years Cape Town
MaD LorD_SaVaGePlayerMark Venter23 years
MaD MaD FauLty_TOasTerPlayerStewart Bailie28 years
MaD triStaRPlayerQuewin Bridger20 years
MaD Mr Pew PewReserveBryan 28 years Pretoria
MaD ToucHReservemichael howlett26 years durban

Team: MaDHouse of Cards (hearth)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
MaD ArachneCaptain (Manager)Ryan Norden29 years Port Elizabeth
MaD MaD HURRICANENUKEPlayerJustin Smith20 years Pretoria
MaD PenguinZAPlayerAndrew Hodgkinson23 years East London
MaD Visions2InsanityPlayerRyan Christian Uren22 years Roodepoort

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