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 Centurion 13 Nov 2012
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About Us

The ROCCAT South Africa group is established to keep you informed of what ROCCAT is up to in South Africa with all the latest product releases, events and most importantly, it's to establish a direct communication channel with the South African Gaming Community. ROCCAT is going to Support you all the way! Whether it's Casual or Professional Gaming.

We have launched various ROCCAT SA Public Game Servers and do will kick off with monthly competitions on the ROCCAT SA Game Servers with some stunning prizes in mind!

We will continue to give the South African Gaming Community all the best products and assist on the growing e-Sports scene in South Africa.

We have also launched the ROCCAT SA Team Speak Server for all to enjoy and we welcome any South Africa Clans wishing to have their own Team Speak Channel!

ROCCAT - Stop Playing, Start Gaming

ROCC|Constant Gaming

"We ROCC|Constant Gaming who played Counter Strike Global Offensive for the Constant Gaming in leg 1 during the 2013 season, have transferred to the clan ROCCAT SA ONLINE COMMUNITY CLAN (ROCC). Our line-up has remained legal and we have followed all of the Do Gaming League regulations throughout the team transfer process."

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
ROCC|ReaverJonathan Vreugdenburg32 years Centurion13 Nov 2012
ROCC|ProtoDavid Theroncape town30 Dec 2012
ROCC|PolydroneDirk Mostert16 Feb 2013
ROCC|CrabJaco Brynard25 years Richards Bay8 May 2013
ROCC|MaD CrYoPredrag Meintjes22 years Pretoria25 Sep 2013
Senior Player
ROCC|PkyrimeJan-Christiaan Russouw23 years George26 Dec 2012
ROCC|13Barbarossa13Tyrone van Eijden35 years pretoria26 Dec 2012
ROCC|OcterainKarel Rode54 years Centurion26 Dec 2012
ROCC|-DTG-BOERSEUNjaco jaco38 years pretoria26 Dec 2012
ROCC|RigermortisHannes Russouw26 years George27 Dec 2012
ROCC|DictaRhys Williams22 years Cape Town31 Dec 2012
ROCC|acroniXFerdinand Sieg23 years Cape Town11 Jan 2013
ROCC|_vfDavid Fautley26 years Cape Town11 Jan 2013
ROCC|FuzzyoneTim Yelland24 years Durban12 Jan 2013
ROCC|ZiZiAbdul Aziz Amod24 years Centurion12 Jan 2013
ROCC|Ang3l-of-WarShannyn-Leigh Croucamp28 years Pretoria13 Jan 2013
ROCC|GiNjAMatthew Deacon24 years Cape Town13 Jan 2013
ROCC|Timed_OutAndrew Swanepoel22 years Pretoria16 Jan 2013
ROCC|KevKevin Woodland25 years Cape Town17 Jan 2013
ROCC|BloodkatanaRiaan Minnaar22 years Cape Town18 Jan 2013
ROCC|ingChristopher Ilsley26 years Cape Town19 Jan 2013
ROCC|n ROLLAMatt Lourens24 years Joburg19 Jan 2013
ROCC|MonkeykongMathew Swanepoel21 years Cape Town19 Jan 2013
ROCC|Crimson-Wolf977Nathan van Eijden21 years Pretoria20 Jan 2013
ROCC|ArtapelCorne Kruger26 years Cape Town20 Jan 2013
ROCC|ArchangelBrendan Sahli21 years Durban21 Jan 2013
ROCC|SinudeityToby Du Toit36 years 6 Feb 2013
ROCC|Lama_^Donavan Barrett25 years Pretoria6 Feb 2013
ROCC|SwicherSeanFuSean Potgieter23 years 6 Feb 2013
ROCC|MalphSimon ErkheikkiHelsingborg3 Mar 2013
ROCC|Mc.ScopeMartin Fouche20 years vanderbijlpark29 Apr 2013
ROCC|jwalkrrrDaniel Keiser22 years Cape Town1 May 2013
ROCC|sloppie0909Johann du Toit41 years Cape Town8 May 2013
ROCC|Nightshade_ZAMichael Gibson24 years Kriel8 May 2013
ROCC|KoNtraBanN Cape Town10 Jan 2013
ROCC|Britzie'Wesley BritzStrand8 May 2013
ROCC|Ch33z_b0y-ZAChristiaan De Beer19 years Pretoria18 May 2013
ROCC|StratisConnor Macdougall23 years Cape Town19 May 2013
ROCC|NickNicholas de Waal19 years George19 May 2013
ROCC|FoxconnWayne FourieCape Town20 May 2013
ROCC|SpartanXJan van der Westhuizen22 years Pretoria21 May 2013
ROCC|Spidey8085Ishan Ramessur28 years Cape Town25 May 2013
ROCC|TaiLeDFoX 28 years Cape Town11 Jun 2013
ROCC|RhOdiNRayner Lawrance29 years Cape Town11 Jun 2013
ROCC|H4ckeyFrans Janse van Rensburg24 years 11 Jun 2013
ROCC|theSTALLONETroy Churchill25 years Cape Town11 Jun 2013
ROCC|Crocobeq 11 Jun 2013
ROCC|YeTiDevon Swart24 years Cape Town11 Jun 2013
ROCC|Jabarkas 11 Jun 2013
ROCC|ShrekRossouw Pretorius19 years Heidelberg12 Jun 2013
ROCC|Dorlak 13 Jun 2013
ROCC|AtOmiX777Divan opperman20 years JHB25 Jun 2013
ROCC|FaFiFrancois Kirstein27 years 27 Jun 2013
ROCC|GyroElandré van der Walt20 years Bloemfontein29 Jun 2013
ROCC|OMalleyPhillip Swanepoel24 years Stellenbosch1 Jul 2013
ROCC|ForgivenDavid Morris25 years Cape Town1 Jul 2013
ROCC|SmileYZanelle van Biljon17 years Centurion2 Jul 2013
ROCC|the_coonWinkel vanheerdenJeffrey's Bay22 Jul 2013
ROCC|JD_Haasbroek 30 Jul 2013
ROCC|Phillip520ex 31 Jul 2013
ROCC|Hypertensi0n 2 Aug 2013
ROCC|Stinger 2 Aug 2013
ROCC|ProNoobCobus Truter21 years Stellenbosch2 Aug 2013
ROCC|Beemer911Rikus van Loggerenberg22 years Somerset West2 Aug 2013
ROCC|RompelSt0mpelPaul van Vuuren36 years Pretoria4 Aug 2013
ROCC|llBEOWULFllNiek van Loggerenberg32 years PTA4 Aug 2013
ROCC|Lawcore24Alex de Villiers30 years Cape Town6 Aug 2013
ROCC|-Canon-AMG_zajp lourens31 years Beaufort west19 Aug 2013
ROCC|inHumanHugo Lambrechts24 years Windhoek19 Aug 2013
ROCC|inAtomixDarren Meyer24 years Somerset west19 Aug 2013
ROCC|CrypteXKyle Johnston16 years PE19 Aug 2013
ROCC|JoosiesJanu Oosthuizen18 years Uitenhage19 Aug 2013
ROCC|MaDcharlyCharl Murray24 years Pretoria25 Sep 2013
ROCC|ElementEternityQuentin Binneman24 years Pretoria25 Sep 2013
ROCC|Nightwraith 21 Nov 2013
Junior Player
ROCC|MALBOERDanie Mills19 years Pietersburg13 Nov 2012
ROCC|HEADSHOTMorgan Sampson19 years Cape Town13 Nov 2012
ROCC|TaBachi!!!!Matthew Le Roux15 Nov 2012
ROCC|AngelTeaRrDean White20 years humansdorp25 Nov 2012
ROCC|TeacupGorden-dean StaatsJeffreysbay25 Nov 2012
ROCC|LuhanLuhan Strydom13 years strand21 Dec 2012
ROCC|raxXyJP Ford18 years westonaria29 Dec 2012
ROCC|XuLz ツLuke Moe20 years Johannesburg30 Dec 2012
ROCC|hi pref mid Simon West18 years 30 Dec 2012
ROCC|GrootkrokedilPieter willem du Plessis18 years Pretoria7 Jan 2013
ROCC|McMuffinJohann Kurfurst19 years vanderbijlpark7 Jan 2013
ROCC|Stick.Eric Van Eeden19 years Vanderbijlpark8 Jan 2013
ROCC|Jockey550Marius Du Plessis19 years Vryheid11 Jan 2013
ROCC|w!lLzZPeter Harris19 years Cape Town3 Mar 2013
ROCC|SuFFeReDAndre Beukes20 years 19 Mar 2013
ROCC|bakeNJoshua Vermeulen20 years 24 Mar 2013
ROCC|Lysergic 2 Apr 2013
ROCC|WuDAdaRyan Hare20 years Cape Town3 Apr 2013
ROCC|Greg!! :D 2 May 2013
ROCC|BattleBoyBertin Dreyer18 years CapeTown12 Nov 2013
ROCC|blackjack612timotio fernandes18 years Cape Town15 Nov 2013

Team Line-up History

Team: ROCC |Dark Knights (ghosts)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|V3n0mCaptainJean Pretorius24 years Johannesburg
ROCC|FrostzRVice-CaptainRojuan 21 years Cape Town
ROCC|CaNNoN360Senior PlayerRico Engel25 years Cape Town
ROCC|FireBladeSenior PlayerRiaan jonker22 years Despatch
ROCC|FlankGuNSenior Player (Manager)Chris Zeelie21 years Port-Elizabeth
ROCC|DuCaTiReserveReinhardt Steynberg20 years Port Elizabeth
ROCC|neppZReservePierre 21 years Cape Town

Team: ROCC |Napalm (blops2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|Dw33zilCaptainNicholas Devonport19 years Johannesburg
ROCC|BugsyPlayerGregory Rowland19 years Johannesburg
ROCC|GyroPlayerElandré van der Walt20 years Bloemfontein
ROCC|PolydronePlayer (Manager)Dirk Mostert22 years
ROCC|TerraAtomPlayerEric Erasmus 27 years Pretoria
ROCC|FaFiReserveFrancois Kirstein27 years

AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|ProtoCaptainDavid Theron22 years cape town
ROCC|acroniXSenior PlayerFerdinand Sieg23 years Cape Town
ROCC|DictaSenior PlayerRhys Williams22 years Cape Town
ROCC|hi pref mid Senior PlayerSimon West18 years
ROCC|TwitchieSenior Player (Manager)cole HEUGH22 years cape town
ROCC|MiGiReserveMiguel da Silva24 years cape town
ROCC|XuLz ツReserveLuke Moe20 years Johannesburg

Team: ROCC |auRa (COD4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|pezbot1Captain (Manager)Cian de Coning23 years Cape Town
ROCC|_vfVice-CaptainDavid Fautley26 years Cape Town
ROCC|eXploZPlayer 23 years Cape Town
ROCC|FoxconnPlayerWayne Fourie20 years Cape Town
ROCC|Add1ctusReserveZain Raad21 years Johannesburg
ROCC|FingazzReserveJohn Langford22 years Cape Town
ROCC|smithiEReserveRichard Smith23 years Johannesburg

Team: ROCC.SC2 | auRa (SC2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|pezbot1Captain (Manager)Cian de Coning23 years Cape Town
ROCC|FuzzyonePlayerTim Yelland24 years Durban
ROCC|MackyBoiPlayerNicholas McLachlan24 years Cape Town

Team: ROCC|auRa|DAGON (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|MalphCaptainSimon Erkheikki22 years Helsingborg
ROCC|GreckoVice-CaptainRuan Grobbelaar25 years Cape Town
ROCC|BluRPlayerBraam Botha25 years Cape Town
ROCC|cIDIcPlayerGareth Kropman30 years Cape Town
ROCC|OMalleyPlayerPhillip Swanepoel24 years Stellenbosch
ROCC|ForgivenReserveDavid Morris25 years Cape Town
ROCC|pezbot1Reserve (Manager)Cian de Coning23 years Cape Town
ROCC|_vfReserveDavid Fautley26 years Cape Town

Team: ROCC| Krokkenosters (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|RoiDzZCaptain (Manager)Alex Rymill23 years
ROCC|MrDeliaPlayerHerman Reinach19 years George
ROCC|SenticallPlayerRuan 19 years Pretoria
ROCC|BlankmanReserveJean-Louis 23 years Pretoria
ROCC|StormcroWReserveDane Anderson31 years Durban
ROCC|VanzoRReserveMike Olivier24 years Strand

Team: ROCC| Unique 5 (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|DarknessCaptain (Manager) 23 years Polokwane
ROCC|CamPlayerCameron Cairns20 years Mtunzini
ROCC|DawnPlayerJason Jarvis23 years Port Elizabeth
ROCC|MercuryPlayerDumar KilliK23 years Port Elizabeth
ROCC|SirtokesalotPlayerJulian Herr22 years PE
ROCC|JaBReserveJacques Boonzaaier23 years Cape Town

Team: ROCC| Element (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|GrimNaughtCaptain (Manager)Myburgh Brink24 years Cpt
ROCC| AshmanPlayerashley gaisford25 years johannesburg
ROCC|AlphaPlayerConradie van Heerden19 years Cape Town
ROCC|AlphabetPlayerJayson Schroder23 years George
ROCC|n ROLLAPlayerMatt Lourens24 years Joburg

Team: ROCC|reQless (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|tayloRCaptain (Manager)Devon Boucher20 years Cape Town
ROCC|bakeNPlayerJoshua Vermeulen20 years
ROCC|ColourCutClarityPlayerJaime Williamson22 years Cape Town
ROCC|fwonbanePlayerShane Deacon20 years Cape Town
ROCC|SuFFeReDPlayerAndre Beukes20 years
ROCC|WuDAdaPlayerRyan Hare20 years Cape Town

Team: ROCC|Game Is Hard (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|FrostzRCaptain (Manager)Rojuan 21 years Cape Town
ROCC|V3n0mVice-CaptainJean Pretorius24 years Johannesburg
ROCC|CaNNoN360Senior PlayerRico Engel25 years Cape Town
ROCC|neppZSenior PlayerPierre 21 years Cape Town
ROCC|FlankGuNReserveChris Zeelie21 years Port-Elizabeth

Team: ROCCEoB|Choas Engine (bf3)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|GunguruCaptainMichael Johnston20 years Port Elizabeth
ROCC|CrypteXSenior PlayerKyle Johnston16 years PE
ROCC|DemonixSenior PlayerJacques vd Horst23 years Cape Town - Strand
ROCC|inHumanSenior PlayerHugo Lambrechts24 years Windhoek
ROCC|SpartanSenior PlayerFrancois Burden18 years Port Elizabeth
ROCC|Ch0ppErrrPlayerRyan Moore17 years Uitenhage
ROCC|inAtomixPlayerDarren Meyer24 years Somerset west
ROCC|KooSPlayerJames Moolman17 years Uitenhage
ROCC|lTerroRIPlayerBouwer Botha18 years
ROCC|MdTPlayerMika du Toit20 years Gauteng

Team: ROCC|Napalm.rAge (blops2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|PolydroneCaptain (Manager)Dirk Mostert22 years
ROCC|Dw33zilVice-CaptainNicholas Devonport19 years Johannesburg
ROCC|BugsyPlayerGregory Rowland19 years Johannesburg
ROCC|GyroPlayerElandré van der Walt20 years Bloemfontein
ROCC|TerraAtomPlayerEric Erasmus 27 years Pretoria

Team: ROCC|Feared Chaos (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
ROCC|MaD CrYoCaptain (Manager)Predrag Meintjes22 years Pretoria
ROCC|ElementEternityPlayerQuentin Binneman24 years Pretoria
ROCC|MaDcharlyPlayerCharl Murray24 years Pretoria
ROCC|MushroomKingPlayerMatthew Smith21 years Cape Town

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