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 Cape Town 18 Jan 2013
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 26 Apr 2013 64
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About Us

Taccor Gaming is a professional community of social and competitive players from the FPS and RTS genre.

Our mission is to recruit social and competitive players. We want to train them to be better gamers and show them how to communicate in game with other team players as well as the enemy team. We want all our players to actively fight Hackers and bring about a better community on our servers.

The vision is to improve every single player in our clan to a well established competitive level and create an environment where our social players can enjoy themselves on the TS server and on our Game Servers. Ultimately we hope that this will have a positive effect on the whole
South African gaming community.

All players are welcome to join us on TS and support us on our game servers.

If you want to be a part of this great community and share in what we have to offer, please contact an admin, owner or leader via the DGL page, or find us on TS.
Teamspeak3 Address: ts3.taccorgaming.co.za


Webafrica (WAGE), Mweb, and REDBULL.


We are currently recruiting teams and players for Starcraft 2, Battlefield 4, Dota2, League of Legends

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
[TcR]LinkWPNur Stoffels33 years Cape Town6 May 2013
[TcR]ChipmonkMartin van der Merwe21 years Saldanha18 May 2013
[TcR]lFlyingTanklJason 26 years Cape Town19 May 2013
[TcR]exorc1zm™Brendon Steenekamp21 years Cape Town6 Sep 2013
[TcR]PH3N0M3NARui Dos Santos22 years Primrose18 May 2013
[TcR]Nanite12Gerhard Joubert20 years Bellville18 May 2013
[TcR]EvOKER666_zaChristiaan Hugo19 years cape town19 May 2013
[TcR]Timst4HTimmy Smith29 years Pretoria20 May 2013
[TcR]Havcock159tjaart swanepoel26 years Durban25 May 2013
[TcR]Stingyboat99Ruan Van der Heever16 years Johannesburg7 Jun 2013
[TcR]BloodkatanaRiaan Minnaar20 years Cape Town24 Jun 2013
[TcR]ArmoredDuck_rsaRuan Botha18 years Knysna12 Jul 2013
[TcR]ToxicSeaSlugMarc Young17 years Durban1 Aug 2013
[TcR]L1beratorRuan Havenga22 years Stellenbosch6 Sep 2013
[TcR]DuranichigoDuran Burnett22 years Paarl6 Sep 2013
[TcR]JeTTseTTerGerick Kotze21 years Cape Town7 Sep 2013
[TcR]CepzTimmethy Johnson25 years 8 Sep 2013
[TcR]supramad120Neale Spear22 years Pretoria28 Dec 2013
[TcR]MrSoleXVIKallan Domoney20 years Port Elizabeth4 Jan 2014
[TcR]RecoilznDavid Harsant31 years Pietermaritzburg9 Mar 2014
[TcR]BkackKnight70605 20 Mar 2014
[TcR]DOGNISSSSArno Meijer16 years Johannesburg28 Mar 2014
Casual Player
[TcR]Kronos92_ZACharles Stow21 years Port Elizabeth18 May 2013
[TcR]6Ghost9_ZADevin Astbury22 years Uitenhage19 May 2013
[TcR]0TaRgEtPrAcTiCe0Daniel De Villiers20 years Hartbeespoort19 May 2013
[TcR]Deadeye888Francois Joubert18 years Bellville19 May 2013
[TcR]WarchildWPDeen Brandreth37 years Cape Town20 May 2013
[TcR]ss1Reaper210Garreth Dean20 years Durban20 May 2013
[TcR]LYNXPieter Mouton39 years Tulbagh23 May 2013
[TcR]Ry3sRylan Shedrick26 years Durban24 May 2013
[TcR]Obl1v10u5Anton Vlok23 years Randburg3 Jun 2013
[TcR]MR_BLUE88Juan-pierre Pollen25 years edenvale9 Jun 2013
[TcR]PsychoTeddySAChene Mulder18 years Port Elizabeth12 Jul 2013
[TcR]CraY0nLuc Young20 years Durban13 Aug 2013
[TcR]Lam3urt3Dylan O'Dougherty21 years Durban13 Aug 2013
[TcR]T0lkr1n 37 years Cape Town15 Aug 2013
[TcR]OxxZAAndries Bornman28 years 1 Sep 2013
[TcR]Shardded 29 years 3 Sep 2013
[TcR]hitokity 3 Sep 2013
[TcR]DieselWeasel_ZaDean Forster17 years Ballito24 Sep 2013
[TcR]Bull_Dogg_101Reghardt Swanepoel17 years Pretoria26 Sep 2013
[TcR]llFritZll 27 Sep 2013
[TcR]xShadowNemesisx 8 Oct 2013
[TcR]blacksnow199 15 Oct 2013
[TcR]BaDaSsDZ 22 Oct 2013
[TcR]Scr4ppsJonathan Fridjhon22 years Cape Town30 Oct 2013
[TcR]HovisBradley Gerrard21 years Portsmouth20 Nov 2013
[TcR]cavemanianImran Ahmed21 years Cape Town20 Nov 2013
[TcR]InfectedPineapple 21 Nov 2013
[TcR]BullsEye_ZADamon Green17 years Cape Town21 Nov 2013
[TcR]Magister TomeAndrew Munnik15 years Cape Town6 Dec 2013
[TcR]PlaYdOuGh_ZA 8 Dec 2013
[TcR]ValskermHenroux van der Merwe15 Dec 2013
[TcR]MimicJohan Kruger20 years Durban30 Dec 2013
[TcR]Hallucinat3dStephan Nel20 years Cape Town6 Jan 2014
[TcR]AsherBenjamin Abrahams6 Jan 2014
[TcR]DeadShot9809Marc Dummer15 years Johannesburg6 Jan 2014
[TcR]ITritonIWarren Wahl31 years Uitenhage19 Jan 2014
[TcR]MmmKSheldon Mckay17 years Johannesburg25 Jan 2014
[TcR]Whitesnow199 12 Feb 2014
[TcR]ChixWithDix 12 Feb 2014
[TcR]KimiiKiana Pronk16 years Cape Town15 Feb 2014
[TcR]Serial RapistShaldon Nienaber20 years 18 Feb 2014
[TcR]NuKlEaR2013Myles Dunn19 years Uitenhage18 Feb 2014

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Team: TcR #YoloSquad (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]exorc1zm™Captain (Manager)Brendon Steenekamp21 years Cape Town
[TcR]BloodkatanaVice-CaptainRiaan Minnaar20 years Cape Town
[TcR]DuranichigoSenior PlayerDuran Burnett22 years Paarl
[TcR]JeTTseTTerSenior PlayerGerick Kotze21 years Cape Town
[TcR]Nanite12Senior PlayerGerhard Joubert20 years Bellville
[TcR]CepzReserveTimmethy Johnson25 years
[TcR]ChipmonkReserveMartin van der Merwe21 years Saldanha
[TcR]L1beratorReserveRuan Havenga22 years Stellenbosch

Team: TcR Gunners Squad (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]RecoilznCaptain (Manager)David Harsant31 years Pietermaritzburg
[TcR]DieselWeasel_ZaSenior PlayerDean Forster17 years Ballito
[TcR]EvOKER666_zaSenior PlayerChristiaan Hugo19 years cape town
[TcR]Havcock159Senior Playertjaart swanepoel26 years Durban
[TcR]PH3N0M3NASenior PlayerRui Dos Santos22 years Primrose
[TcR]supramad120Senior PlayerNeale Spear22 years Pretoria
[TcR]Timst4HSenior PlayerTimmy Smith29 years Pretoria
[TcR]ToxicSeaSlugSenior PlayerMarc Young17 years Durban
[TcR]ArmoredDuck_rsaReserveRuan Botha18 years Knysna
[TcR]lFlyingTanklReserveJason 26 years Cape Town
[TcR]LinkWPReserveNur Stoffels33 years Cape Town
[TcR]MrSoleXVIReserveKallan Domoney20 years Port Elizabeth

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