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About Us

Taccor Gaming is a multi-gaming community that consists of both competitive and social gamers. Our mission is to provide a place where social and competitive gamers can play together and belong to something bigger than themselves.

Taccor Gaming’s vision is to improve every player in our clan to a well-established competitive level. We aim to create an environment where our social players can enjoy themselves, both on our TeamSpeak server and on our various game servers. Ultimately we hope to have a positive effect on the whole South African gaming community. We also do our part to actively fight hackers and bring about a fairer community on our game servers.

All players are welcome to join us on TeamSpeak and jam with us on our game servers.

Feel free to browse our website, and if you feel this is the place for you, apply to join! Don’t be shy, come say Hi!

If you would to be a part of this great community and share in what we have to offer, please contact an owner or admin via the DGL page, or find us on TS.
TeamSpeak3 Address: ts3.taccorgaming.co.za


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We are currently recruiting teams and players for Battlefield 4, Dota2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and COD:AW.


We cDc who played for the clan eVo_ZA in summer leg during the 2015 season, have transferred to the clan Taccor Gaming. Our line-up has remained legal and we have followed all of the Do Gaming League regulations throughout the team transfer process.

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
[TcR]I-MmmK-ISheldon McKay18 years Johannesburg25 Jan 2014
[TcR]Timst4HTimmy Smith31 years Pretoria20 May 2013
[TcR]DooMShortSRuan du Plessis25 years Pretoria5 May 2014
[TcR]PedoBeaRDouglas Gloak26 years Pietersburg5 Jan 2015
[TcR]CherXAlec Mundell21 years Johannesburg30 Mar 2015
[TcR]mcscorpio777michael van niekerk29 years 5 May 2015
[TcR]ThePrickMalan Gerber28 years Pretoria6 May 2015
Senior Player
[TcR]LinkWPNur Stoffels35 years Cape Town6 May 2013
[TcR]DrakieLouwtjie Nolte32 years boksburg30 Mar 2015
[TcR]KrackinBarry Andersen33 years Johannesburg5 May 2014
[TcR]QuantumAngelDalton Coetzee26 years Pretoria5 May 2014
[TcR]Giulz00Giuliano Pizzocaro24 years JHB5 May 2014
[TcR]TitanRuan Coetzee28 years Pretoria5 May 2014
[TcR]s0LiDChris McCabe30 years Cape Town6 May 2014
[TcR]crossfireQMalcolm Nicoll18 years Johannesburg 29 May 2014
[TcR]SaVaGeRyan Macritchie27 years johannesburg27 Jun 2014
[TcR]CableLuqmaan Jacobs34 years Cape Town17 Aug 2014
[TcR]KiNG_NiNJAAmeen Jacobs27 years Cape Town17 Aug 2014
[TcR]DieMellaMarc Cilliers33 years Pretoria16 Sep 2014
[TcR]Skermy3GDeon vP32 years Pretoria25 Sep 2014
[TcR]TheDeadMan00Bryan Spear21 years Pretoria1 Oct 2014
[TcR]RichardMRRJRichard McCauley21 years Springs10 Nov 2014
[TcR]KR1mm3LSRuan de Beer24 years Fochville11 Nov 2014
[TcR]RavnThorNRogan Meyer19 years Polokwane5 Jan 2015
[TcR]CaveatAlawi Jacobs28 years Cape Town6 Jan 2015
[TcR]SkyLighterImraan Dalwai20 years Cape Town6 Jan 2015
[TcR]bennie 8 Jan 2015
[TcR]SKIRMINKELWynand Olivier26 years Bloemfontein8 Jan 2015
[TcR]saalocinNicolaas Strecker30 years Pretoria8 Jan 2015
[TcR]SpacemanMark Thuysman26 years Bloemfontein11 Jan 2015
[TcR]Sassy_the_sasquatchDominic Van Der Westhuizen20 years Cape Town11 Jan 2015
[TcR]FlavFrancois Joubert29 years Cape Town11 Jan 2015
[TcR]KrissChristopher Graham23 years Cape Town11 Jan 2015
[TcR]Death by TrayAlexander Ralph24 years Pretoria12 Jan 2015
[TcR]InsanitY Gavin Brady15 years Cape Town15 Jan 2015
[TcR]DiabloMartin Piaggio21 years Durban18 Jan 2015
[TcR]Swoldier_HDHaniel Short21 years Middleburg18 Jan 2015
[TcR]VvlolJay Mai25 years Pretoria20 Jan 2015
[TcR]grieverAndre Steenekamp25 years East london20 Jan 2015
[TcR]svn_Henk Vorster32 years Pretoria21 Jan 2015
[TcR]Poramag / cs*craftMarco da Silva29 years Tshwane22 Jan 2015
[TcR]jarrydesque 22 Jan 2015
[TcR]DagdierJacques van den heever25 years Bloemfontein23 Jan 2015
[TcR]slash3rJay Jay Rittmann21 years stilfontein5 Feb 2015
[TcR]ExtractCrossMichael Ackermann17 years Johannesburg15 Feb 2015
[TcR]skokozaniChester Kirkwood23 years Pretoria15 Mar 2015
[TcR]NecroZander Moolman20 years Cape Town21 Mar 2015
[TcR]InTeNsItYRuan Olivier15 years Sasolburg30 Mar 2015
[TcR]aSiaNJohan Roelofse29 years Kuilsriver30 Mar 2015
[TcR]TokkieWian Coetzee17 years Cape Town8 Apr 2015
[TcR]keegskeegan meistre23 years durban9 Apr 2015
[TcR]Xil3dHenry Horne31 years Vanderbijlpark18 May 2015
[TcR]FizzermanQ Fenske23 years pretoria21 May 2015
[TcR]RaZoRMorne van der sandt20 years heidelberg23 May 2015
[TcR]TOXICstefan mynhardtklerksdorp23 May 2015
[TcR]Die Warm WorsieJay Jay van Rooyen21 years Vanderbijlpark24 May 2015
[TcR]Porky-Owned-YouRiaan Coetzee25 years Gauteng 24 May 2015
[TcR]Hotcoffee666Jared Probert16 years Durban2 Jun 2015
[TcR]MikeLarryMichael Ferreira32 years Johannesburg2 Jun 2015
[TcR]skobbejakJacques Venter29 years Cape Town3 Jun 2015
[TcR]Dragonslayerjp dreyer17 years henly5 Jun 2015
[TcR]Inmate-Jack01Divan K Le Roux25 years Pretoria20 Jun 2015
[TcR]ThiefGericke DanielsKimberley21 Jun 2015
[TcR]PoditangStefan Coetzer25 years Pretoria21 Jun 2015
[TcR]dbNinejonathan hamaty31 years capetown28 Jun 2015
[TcR]||Hawkeye||Dewald van den Berg24 years Cape Town6 Jul 2015
[TcR]Skapie_ZA 18 years 7 Jul 2015
[TcR]Alex®Alex Bloemfontein28 Oct 2015
[TcR]Wolf69Werner Breedt28 years Simonstown28 Oct 2015
[TcR]MinionWerner von Horsten29 years Polokwane2 Nov 2015
[TcR]FlameChickHelen de Munnik23 years Pretoria2 Nov 2015
[TcR]Sareph 31 years 2 Nov 2015
[TcR]CareTakerRyan Hiscox28 years Boksburg2 Nov 2015
[TcR]AndriAndri Wium19 years Cape Town2 Nov 2015
[TcR]Powerpuff 2 Nov 2015
[TcR]Chiefshadow22Louis Nel18 years pretoria3 Nov 2015
[TcR]KoOblaAbraham Pretoria4 Nov 2015
[TcR]RaMNico De Klerk22 years pretoria4 Nov 2015
[TcR]BotterOtterJody Robertson22 years Delmas4 Nov 2015
[TcR]MikeradMichael Rademeyer21 years Pretoria4 Nov 2015
[TcR]JellyJambleArmand Steyn22 years Pretoria4 Nov 2015
[TcR]DizzyDwarfWessel badenhorst21 years pretoria4 Nov 2015
[TcR]TipoTBen Mehnert19 years Cape Town4 Nov 2015
[TcR]Tinpest1Michael Botha22 years Johannesburg 4 Nov 2015
[TcR]BeastlyJohandre Marais21 years Vanderbijlpark10 Nov 2015
[TcR]KL4uSSRikus Rabie22 years Centurion12 Nov 2015
[TcR]TrueF!reDanielle 20 years Port Elizabeth4 Jan 2016
[TcR]Tiaantjie<3Tiaan Rheeder20 years Johannesburg4 Jan 2016
[TcR]ThE_KruciFieRMatthew Rae21 years Boksburg4 Jan 2016
[TcR]ExiTChristian Jonker16 years Pretoria5 Jan 2016
[TcR]NightRavenMarius Nell16 years Pretoria5 Jan 2016
[TcR]Unseen Threat v2Gian 5 Jan 2016
[TcR]MeNtEl345Dillyn Van Der Merwe18 years JHB11 Jan 2016
[TcR]M4RKUS112markus visser19 years Pretoria11 Jan 2016
[TcR]Hulk_Smash_ZAwayne cromhout36 years Port Elizabeth11 Jan 2016
[TcR]PriSmeRe_KinGAllin Becker24 years Johannesburg11 Jan 2016
[TcR]Jaggedjay_ZAJayde Chandler27 years East London11 Jan 2016
[TcR]Danielo134 12 Jan 2016
[TcR]RainBowSoupJoska Takacs20 years Pretoria13 Jan 2016
[TcR]RepentNeil Jansen19 years Rustenburg14 Jan 2016
[TcR]PhyreElmar Cilliers19 years Hatfield14 Jan 2016
[TcR]RokyaBassDirk Ottersbach21 years Cape Town14 Jan 2016
[TcR]CoBrAzZzZz :Dmigael de kock19 years Johannesburg14 Jan 2016
[TcR]The3mpt1ness 14 Jan 2016
[TcR]HotsotLenrique Pieterse18 years Pretoria15 Jan 2016
[TcR]Mr FijiWijiSean Bremner18 years Boksburg15 Jan 2016
[TcR]crous.martin88@gmail.com 15 Jan 2016
[TcR] Th3_An!maLjonathan rosen18 years boksburg17 Jan 2016
[TcR]GRUNT312Gerhard Visser21 years Centurion18 Jan 2016

Team Line-up History

Team: TcR.cs (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]TitanCaptainRuan Coetzee28 years Pretoria
[TcR]kr1osSenior PlayerPetrus Delport22 years Pretoria
[TcR]QuantumAngelSenior PlayerDalton Coetzee26 years Pretoria
[TcR]s0LiDSenior Player (Manager)Chris McCabe30 years Cape Town
[TcR]SaVaGeSenior PlayerRyan Macritchie27 years johannesburg

Team: TcR.Resistance of 8 (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]I-MmmK-ICaptainSheldon McKay18 years Johannesburg
[TcR]Timst4HVice-CaptainTimmy Smith31 years Pretoria
[TcR]DooMShortSSenior Player (Manager)Ruan du Plessis25 years Pretoria
[TcR]KR1mm3LSSenior PlayerRuan de Beer24 years Fochville
[TcR]Swoldier_HDSenior PlayerHaniel Short21 years Middleburg
[TcR]Inmate-Jack01PlayerDivan K Le Roux25 years Pretoria
[TcR]RavnThorNPlayerRogan Meyer19 years Polokwane
[TcR]RichardMRRJPlayerRichard McCauley21 years Springs
[TcR]ArcasMaxmilionReserveArcas van Rooyen23 years Pretoria
[TcR]DieMellaReserveMarc Cilliers33 years Pretoria
[TcR]FizzermanReserveQ Fenske23 years pretoria
[TcR]mcscorpio777Reservemichael van niekerk29 years
[TcR]PedoBeaRReserveDouglas Gloak26 years Pietersburg
[TcR]PoditangReserveStefan Coetzer25 years Pretoria

Team: TcR.Reign (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]LimbZCaptain (Manager)Wayne Moorcroft28 years Nigel
[TcR]SpeedVice-CaptainGary Jorden28 years Johannesburg
[TcR]KenpacHiPlayerJacques Aucamp24 years Cape Town
[TcR]nukeM_PlayerDylan Moorcroft20 years Ermelo
[TcR]s0LiDPlayerChris McCabe30 years Cape Town

Team: TcR.Muishond & Kie (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]saalocinCaptainNicolaas Strecker30 years Pretoria
[TcR]FlavVice-CaptainFrancois Joubert29 years Cape Town
[TcR]Death by TrayPlayerAlexander Ralph24 years Pretoria
[TcR]Sassy_the_sasquatchPlayerDominic Van Der Westhuizen20 years Cape Town
[TcR]ThePrickPlayer (Manager)Malan Gerber28 years Pretoria

Team: TcR.cDc (codaw)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]CherXCaptain (Manager)Alec Mundell21 years Johannesburg
[TcR]DrakieVice-CaptainLouwtjie Nolte32 years boksburg
[TcR]aSiaNPlayerJohan Roelofse29 years Kuilsriver
[TcR]InTeNsItYPlayerRuan Olivier15 years Sasolburg
[TcR]MomoPlayerMauritz Fullard19 years pretoria

Team: TcR.XpG (codaw)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]RaZoRCaptain (Manager)Morne van der sandt20 years heidelberg
[TcR]TOXICVice-Captainstefan mynhardt22 years klerksdorp
[TcR]marusckaPlayermaruscka mynhardt24 years johannesburg
[TcR]MikeLarryPlayerMichael Ferreira32 years Johannesburg
[TcR]Porky-Owned-YouPlayerRiaan Coetzee25 years Gauteng

Team: TcR.Covert.force.5 (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]CherXCaptain (Manager)Alec Mundell21 years Johannesburg
[TcR]Wolf69Vice-CaptainWerner Breedt28 years Simonstown
[TcR]Alex®PlayerAlex 32 years Bloemfontein
[TcR]aSiaNPlayerJohan Roelofse29 years Kuilsriver
[TcR]BotterOtterPlayerJody Robertson22 years Delmas
[TcR]DizzyDwarfPlayerWessel badenhorst21 years pretoria
[TcR]JellyJamblePlayerArmand Steyn22 years Pretoria
[TcR]MikeradPlayerMichael Rademeyer21 years Pretoria

Team: TcR.Divine (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]Tiaantjie<3CaptainTiaan Rheeder20 years Johannesburg
[TcR]TrueF!reVice-Captain (Manager)Danielle 20 years Port Elizabeth
[TcR]ExiTPlayerChristian Jonker16 years Pretoria
[TcR]ThE_KruciFieRPlayerMatthew Rae21 years Boksburg

Team: TcR.Prominence (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]Chiefshadow22Captain (Manager)Louis Nel18 years pretoria
[TcR]M4RKUS112Vice-Captainmarkus visser19 years Pretoria
[TcR]GRUNT312PlayerGerhard Visser21 years Centurion
[TcR]MeNtEl345ReserveDillyn Van Der Merwe18 years JHB
[TcR]RainBowSoupReserveJoska Takacs20 years Pretoria

Team: TcR.NoMad5 (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]Hulk_Smash_ZACaptainwayne cromhout36 years Port Elizabeth
[TcR]Jaggedjay_ZAPlayerJayde Chandler27 years East London
[TcR]RazerClawzPlayerShizi Leong23 years Alberton

Team: TcR.Eccentric (LoL)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]Unseen Threat v2Captain (Manager)Gian 16 years
[TcR]NightRavenVice-CaptainMarius Nell16 years Pretoria
[TcR]CoBrAzZzZz :DPlayermigael de kock19 years Johannesburg
[TcR]Mr FijiWijiPlayerSean Bremner18 years Boksburg
[TcR]HotsotReserveLenrique Pieterse18 years Pretoria

Team: TcR.Proxy (codaw)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]RepentCaptain (Manager)Neil Jansen19 years Rustenburg
[TcR]PhyreVice-CaptainElmar Cilliers19 years Hatfield
[TcR] Th3_An!maLPlayerjonathan rosen18 years boksburg
[TcR]RokyaBassPlayerDirk Ottersbach21 years Cape Town

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