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 Cape Town 18 Jan 2013
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 26 Apr 2013 29
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About Us

Taccor Gaming is a professional community of social and competitive players from the FPS and RTS genre.

Our mission is to recruit social and competitive players. We want to train them to be better gamers and show them how to communicate in game with other team players as well as the enemy team. We want all our players to actively fight Hackers and bring about a better community on our servers.

The vision is to improve every single player in our clan to a well established competitive level and create an environment where our social players can enjoy themselves on the TS server and on our Game Servers. Ultimately we hope that this will have a positive effect on the whole
South African gaming community.

All players are welcome to join us on TS and support us on our game servers.

If you would to be a part of this great community and share in what we have to offer, please contact an owner or admin via the DGL page, or find us on TS.
TeamSpeak3 Address: ts3.taccorgaming.co.za


Webafrica (WAGE), Mweb, and REDBULL.


We are currently recruiting teams and players for Battlefield 4, Dota2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and COD: Ghosts.


"We TASE-AE who played for the clan Tase me Bro in leg 1 during the 2014 season, have transferred to the clan Taccor Gaming. Our line-up has remained legal and we have followed all of the Do Gaming League regulations throughout the team transfer process. "
Link to old clan.

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
[TcR]LinkWPNur Stoffels33 years Cape Town6 May 2013
[TcR]I-MmmK-ISheldon McKay17 years Johannesburg25 Jan 2014
[TcR]Timst4HTimmy Smith30 years Pretoria20 May 2013
[TcR]DooMShortSRuan du Plessis24 years Pretoria5 May 2014
Senior Player
[TcR]ToxicSeaSlugMarc Young18 years Durban1 Aug 2013
[TcR]EvOKER666_zaChristiaan 20 years cape town19 May 2013
[TcR]OxxZAAndries Bornman1 Sep 2013
[TcR]DieselWeasel_ZaDean Forster18 years Ballito24 Sep 2013
[TcR]supramad120Neale Spear23 years Pretoria28 Dec 2013
[TcR]Hondjie-RSAPierre Philip du PreezCenturion27 Apr 2014
[TcR]KrackinBarry Andersen32 years Johannesburg5 May 2014
[TcR]QuantumAngelDalton Coetzee24 years Pretoria5 May 2014
[TcR]Giulz00Giuliano Pizzocaro23 years JHB5 May 2014
[TcR]TitanRuan Coetzee27 years Pretoria5 May 2014
[TcR]s0LiDChris McCabe29 years Cape Town6 May 2014
[TcR]Handz0rRaymond Kelbrick29 years Port Alfred19 May 2014
[TcR]MilenkoMilton Boksburg19 May 2014
[TcR]crossfireQMalcolm Nicoll17 years Johannesburg 29 May 2014
[TcR]l-Anchorman-lChris van Schalkwyk26 years Cape Town30 May 2014
[TcR]SaVaGeRyan Macritchie26 years johannesburg27 Jun 2014
[TcR]Cable Cape Town17 Aug 2014
[TcR]KiNG_NiNJA 26 years Cape Town17 Aug 2014
[TcR]kr1osPetrus Delport21 years Pretoria20 Aug 2014
[TcR]DieMellaMarc Cilliers32 years Pretoria16 Sep 2014
[TcR]Skermy3GDeon vP31 years Pretoria25 Sep 2014
[TcR]TheDeadMan00Bryan Spear20 years Pretoria1 Oct 2014
[TcR]Skaleb<3Alex Pickering17 years Cape Town9 Nov 2014
[TcR]MRRJ 10 Nov 2014
[TcR]KR1mm3LSRuan de Beer23 years Potchefstroom11 Nov 2014

Team Line-up History

Team: TcR Gunners Squad (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]I-MmmK-ICaptain (Manager)Sheldon McKay17 years Johannesburg
[TcR]ToxicSeaSlugVice-CaptainMarc Young18 years Durban
[TcR]EvOKER666_zaSenior PlayerChristiaan 20 years cape town
[TcR]LinkWPSenior PlayerNur Stoffels33 years Cape Town
[TcR]supramad120Senior PlayerNeale Spear23 years Pretoria
[TcR]Timst4HSenior PlayerTimmy Smith30 years Pretoria
[TcR]Hondjie-RSAPlayerPierre Philip du Preez17 years Centurion
[TcR]l-Anchorman-lPlayerChris van Schalkwyk26 years Cape Town
[TcR]crossfireQReserveMalcolm Nicoll17 years Johannesburg
[TcR]DieselWeasel_ZaReserveDean Forster18 years Ballito

Team: TcR.TASE (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]TitanCaptainRuan Coetzee27 years Pretoria
[TcR]DooMShortSSenior Player (Manager)Ruan du Plessis24 years Pretoria
[TcR]QuantumAngelSenior PlayerDalton Coetzee24 years Pretoria
[TcR]s0LiDSenior PlayerChris McCabe29 years Cape Town
[TcR]kr1osPlayerPetrus Delport21 years Pretoria
[TcR]Handz0rReserveRaymond Kelbrick29 years Port Alfred
[TcR]KrackinReserveBarry Andersen32 years Johannesburg
[TcR]SaVaGeReserveRyan Macritchie26 years johannesburg

Team: TcR.cs (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]TitanCaptainRuan Coetzee27 years Pretoria
[TcR]kr1osSenior PlayerPetrus Delport21 years Pretoria
[TcR]QuantumAngelSenior PlayerDalton Coetzee24 years Pretoria
[TcR]s0LiDSenior Player (Manager)Chris McCabe29 years Cape Town
[TcR]SaVaGeSenior PlayerRyan Macritchie26 years johannesburg

Team: TcR.Resistance of 5 (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
[TcR]I-MmmK-ICaptainSheldon McKay17 years Johannesburg
[TcR]Timst4HVice-Captain (Manager)Timmy Smith30 years Pretoria
[TcR]DieMellaPlayerMarc Cilliers32 years Pretoria
[TcR]KR1mm3LSPlayerRuan de Beer23 years Potchefstroom
[TcR]ToxicSeaSlugPlayerMarc Young18 years Durban
[TcR]l-Anchorman-lReserveChris van Schalkwyk26 years Cape Town

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