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About Us

About xTc

Established in 1999, xTc is South Africa's oldest, longest standing clan. xTc was the first clan to represent South Africa abroad in the World Cyber Games for Counter Strike 1.6.
We also helped reignite the interest back for competitive Quake Live by hosting multiple Tournaments.

xTc is known for their massive involvement within the community by managing and running the Crucial Cup (with the undying support of Crucial and Syntech) that hosts once off tournaments for Battlefield 4, Dota 2 and CSGO.

We pride ourselves in playing to the best of our ability while maintaining professional respect for one another & other rivaling clans.

xTc Sponsors

xTc is proudly sponsored by Syntech , Seasonic , Crucial , Ballistix

Clan Members (Join Clan)
AliasFull NameAgeLocationJoined
xTc.SladeKenneth Willmore35 years Rustenburg18 Jul 2010
xTc.M4nimalMark GazardJHB / Edenvale21 Jul 2010
xTc.UndacuvAGareth Scott28 years Cape Town9 Oct 2013
xTc.Lang-SlangStephen de Witt31 years Cape Town7 Nov 2013
xTc.756JC Cloete25 years Pretoria11 May 2014
xTc.xiNJohan Willemse20 years Stellenbosch13 May 2014
xTc.TemplarLeon Van der Watt25 years Pretoria7 Nov 2013
Senior Player
xTc.ShOxChris Freeman22 years Johannesburg9 Oct 2013
xTc.LuciferChristopher 9 Oct 2013
xTc.Chrono Cape Town 7 Nov 2013
xTc.xTc-KierenbladeKieren Gerling20 years Middelburg7 Nov 2013
xTc.WOERRGlen Buxton27 years Cape Town7 Nov 2013
xTc.cRueLzZDaniel Tunstead20 years Port Elizabeth2 Apr 2014
xTc.DarkonBrandon Roets23 years Pretoria3 Apr 2014
xTc.amNesiaWessel Beyers27 years Cape Town3 Apr 2014
xTc.SlinXStehan Visser21 years Potchefstroom3 Apr 2014
xTc.PsychoKingJuan Burney29 years Durban6 Apr 2014
xTc.xTc-SnakeJarrod Futter28 years Port Elizabeth10 Apr 2014
xTc.Volken Johannesburg17 Apr 2014
xTc.Commander SvenMaarten Lodewijks26 years Pretoria11 May 2014
xTc.LightenHennie Mey25 years Pretoria11 May 2014
xTc.ValpraXSamuel Lee Scott29 years Cape Town11 May 2014
xTc.M33T_uPYudhi NaidooDurban13 May 2014
xTc.ViKinGChris de Witt20 years Potchefstroom13 May 2014
xTc.m4cStefan Botha25 years 29 Jun 2014
xTc.GhostFreak66Mark Andersen26 years 27 Aug 2014
xTc.JordanLJordan Lewis20 years Pretoria9 Jan 2015
xTc.H3adphoneMk2Gareth King21 years Edenvale12 Jan 2015
xTc.eLf1eeeeeeAbri Broere20 years Pretoria12 Jan 2015
xTc.CavemanCraig Marsden32 years Johannesburg12 Jan 2015
xTc.xTc-MotherAndrew Long32 years Cape Town19 Jan 2015
xTc.TechnicalRowan Earp-Jones25 years Cape Town22 Jan 2015
xTc.SunamiHesh Malkova19 years 22 Jan 2015
xTc.bonziDavid Gentz25 years Cape Town23 Jan 2015
xTc.Nathelele 23 Jan 2015
xTc.SaganSagan Grey20 years 24 Jan 2015
xTc.InnuendoMark Atkinson26 years Durban24 Jan 2015
xTc.ElysiumRobin Lourens23 years Pretoria25 Jan 2015
xTc.SeerAngus Mackay25 years Johannesburg21 Feb 2015
xTc.DemonixJacques vd Horst23 years Cape Town - Strand23 Feb 2015
xTc.Tiaantjie<3Tiaan Rheeder21 years Johannesburg25 Feb 2015
xTc.Sabrefox91oRenier van Rooyen23 years Nelspruit1 Mar 2015
xTc.Vix3nJowyn Du Plessis25 years Cape Town22 May 2015
xTc.SpiritoneGary Smith22 years Johannesburg22 May 2015
xTc.SMILODONBBrendan Lourens20 years Kimberley23 May 2015
xTc.dM-Divan Steyn20 years Pretoria24 May 2015
xTc.SmetsJoel Stewart26 years Pretoria25 May 2015
xTc.CoUcHDanie Zwarts30 years Gauteng15 Jun 2015
xTc.CricKChris Davies19 years Johannesburg3 Aug 2015
xTc.OzyJayden Almirall24 years White River5 Sep 2015
xTc.pndCarlo Farinha21 years Krugersdorp17 Jan 2016

Team Line-up History

Team: xTc.Black - 5v5 (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
xTc.Sabrefox91oCaptain (Manager)Renier van Rooyen23 years Nelspruit
xTc.TemplarVice-CaptainLeon Van der Watt25 years Pretoria
xTc.DarkonPlayerBrandon Roets23 years Pretoria
xTc.H3adphoneMk2PlayerGareth King21 years Edenvale
xTc.WOERRPlayerGlen Buxton27 years Cape Town
xTc.ChronoReserve 26 years Cape Town
xTc.cRueLzZReserveDaniel Tunstead20 years Port Elizabeth
xTc.TheBandsheeReserveBruce 21 years Cape Town
xTc.VolkenReserve 24 years Johannesburg

Team: xTc.Rain (dota2)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
xTc.756CaptainJC Cloete25 years Pretoria
xTc.Commander SvenPlayerMaarten Lodewijks26 years Pretoria
xTc.LightenPlayerHennie Mey25 years Pretoria
xTc.SeerPlayerAngus Mackay25 years Johannesburg
xTc.SmetsPlayer (Manager)Joel Stewart26 years Pretoria
xTc.InnuendoReserveMark Atkinson26 years Durban
xTc.OzyReserveJayden Almirall24 years White River

Team: xTc.Legion - 5v5 (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
xTc.Lang-SlangCaptain (Manager)Stephen de Witt31 years Cape Town
xTc.ChronoPlayer 26 years Cape Town
xTc.CoUcHPlayerDanie Zwarts30 years Gauteng
xTc.cRueLzZPlayerDaniel Tunstead20 years Port Elizabeth
xTc.GhostFreak66PlayerMark Andersen26 years
xTc.JordanLPlayerJordan Lewis20 years Pretoria
xTc.WOERRReserveGlen Buxton27 years Cape Town
xTc.xTc-KierenbladeReserveKieren Gerling20 years Middelburg
xTc.xTc-MotherReserveAndrew Long32 years Cape Town

Team: xTc.Forsaken - 5v5 (BF4)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
xTc.CavemanCaptain (Manager)Craig Marsden32 years Johannesburg
xTc.DarkonPlayerBrandon Roets23 years Pretoria
xTc.DemonixPlayerJacques vd Horst23 years Cape Town - Strand
xTc.eLf1eeeeeePlayerAbri Broere20 years Pretoria
xTc.H3adphoneMk2PlayerGareth King21 years Edenvale
xTc.PsychoKingPlayerJuan Burney29 years Durban
xTc.Sabrefox91oPlayerRenier van Rooyen23 years Nelspruit
xTc.SMILODONBPlayerBrendan Lourens20 years Kimberley
xTc.SpiritonePlayerGary Smith22 years Johannesburg
xTc.TemplarPlayerLeon Van der Watt25 years Pretoria
xTc.xTc-SnakePlayerJarrod Futter28 years Port Elizabeth

Team: xTc.inspired* (csgo)
AliasRoleFull NameAgeLocation
xTc.xiNCaptain (Manager)Johan Willemse20 years Stellenbosch
xTc.pndPlayerCarlo Farinha21 years Krugersdorp
xTc.ViKinGPlayerChris de Witt20 years Potchefstroom
xTc.SlinXReserveStehan Visser21 years Potchefstroom

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