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how to take part
Assemble a team

Battlefield 4 is a team based game, which means you need to be in a team with other players in order to take part n our league. The league uses 8vs8 and 5vs5 formats, so team up with your mates and join in on the fun!

For the 8vs8 League your team must consist of 8 players and between 2 and 4 reserves.

In the 5vs5 League your team must consistn of 5 players and between 1 and 3 reserves.

Post in this forum if you are looking for a team.

  sign up
Sign up as a member on our website and then create your team profile. Once done, get your players to join the team and then sign up for the league! Good luck and have fun!

1) Creating a Clan
2) Joining a Clan
3) Learn how the leagues work
4) Be a part of the community on the Do Gaming Forum!

Play in the league
The game is on! Competitors are divided into divisions and play assigned opponents on a weekly basis. Each match is assigned a page where competitors can discuss and book to play the match at a time which suits both sides.

Matches are played online and from the comfort of your own home.

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climb the ranks
  Rank up
Once a match has been played, the scores are submitted on the league website and checked by your opponent. After each leg, competitors advance through the ranks from the Second Division through to the Premier Division as they improve.

After the Winter Leg Playoffs have been completed, competitors in the 8vs8 League who have qualified will be invited to compete at the Do Gaming Championships where they will battle for the prestigious title of Do Gaming Champions. In 2013, we gave away over 1.3 MILLION RAND in prizes!

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

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For more information you can also visit our knowledgebase or submit a ticket.
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