Do Gaming Black Ops 2 Open Division
Summer Leg
Start Date:29 January 2013
Ending On:25 March 2013



Results Log
Group A
1. FatalityFataltyBO2651022Active
2. OverPoweredGamingZAOpG . Zie Kaiser641119Retired
3. RequiemrQ` Undefined641119Retired
4. Revo GamingReVo | Mercenaries631216Retired
5. Sons Of Anarchy-Men Of MaYhem(SOA) Dawn620412Retired
6. Band of BrothersBoB*EDGE*61059Active
7. Band of BrothersBoB Band of Sisters60066Retired
8. Rise Against GamingrA`oZone00000Retired
8. Konsentrasie Knights|KK|Kinetikz00000Retired
8. NeveR GamingNeveR.00000Retired
Group B
1. Bravado Gamingbvd™ X51990036Retired
2. ClanS-SA GaMInGCSA.Bushido*980133Retired
3. NeveR GamingNeveR.Rockstar Energy960326Active
4. Killing Time KT//|KS|841321Retired
5. Blowupdoll[]=BUDTeddies933321Retired
6. eVeSportseVe~ZA~RAMPAGE [XL]831418Active
7. Band of BrothersBoB-eTd-930618Active
8. Shadow GamingsG ` `Shadows930618Retired
9. Crude Rude And KinkyCraK|El Matador921616Retired
10. EZClanEZC-BO290098Active
Group C
1. Veneration E-SportsVnR - BoW660024Retired
2. ROCCAT SA Online Community ClanROCC |Napalm650121Active
3. The Bunny LegionTBLDream Crushers640218Retired
4. 5th Element Assassins5eA Dragons621313Retired
5. Scream Aim FireSAF*DeamonHunters620411Active
6. Dragons of War[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ60248Retired
7. Shadow GamingsG ` ~Ronin Ninja's60157Retired
8. FUD GamingFUD||RED-DGL00000Retired
8. StoneWallTacticsST. Ascension00000Retired
8. ROCCAT SA Online Community ClanROCC |Saikyo Knights00000Retired
Group D
1. OverPoweredGamingZAOpG .BlitzenKriegers880032Retired
2. eVo_ZAeVo_za `vipeR#870129Retired
3. Youth Inspired Ascension[Y!A]Walkers860226Retired
4. SaBRe GamingsBR CLaW (A)841321Retired
5. A10[A10] Vanguards841321Retired
6. Vows of Vengeance VoV_Sons of Chaos_821515Retired
7. flAsh Gaming ClanFLSH.ZA820614Active
8. =F8NaTiC==F8N=ICU811612Retired
9. CrutchersCRT | TeZa80088Active
10. Camper Killerz[CK]Nitro Soldiers00000Retired
Group E
1. Oldschool eSportsOS BO2 651022Retired
2. impi gamingimpi(BO2)651022Retired
3. Rise Against GamingrA`Vengeance631216Retired
4. Definition GamingdeF.bo2622214Active
5. Artonic GamingaR| diVinity621313Retired
6. Extr3m3 GamingxG.RazoR61059Active
7. WarbotsWARBOT-GS60066Active
8. Veneration E-SportsVnR - Absolute00000Retired
8. AWOLAWOL|A00000Retired
8. puRe elemeNT GamingpuRe`elemeNT00000Retired
Group F
1. Big Fat B*stards=BFB=RegiMent 2013761026Retired
2. Energy eSportseN.Frost761026Retired
3. Konsentrasie Knights|KK|Kryptics750222Retired
4. ROCCAT SA Online Community ClanROCC |Dark Knights731317Active
5. StoneWallTacticsST. Distruzione730416Retired
6. eVo_ZAeVo_za`voiD720513Retired
7. Flames of VengeanceFoV|Cataclysm710610Retired
8. The Elite[TE] seems Legit70166Retired
9. Fallout DogsFDAlpha00000Retired
9. Konsentrasie Knights|KK|Kampers00000Retired
Group G
1. Energy eSportseN.Blaze990036Retired
2. Advanced Special Forces=ASF=qwe971131Retired
3. Invoke GamingiNv` 970230Retired
4. eVo_ZAeVo_za `RaiD950423Retired
5. eVeSportseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]932420Retired
6. 5th Element Assassins5eA||Elite940520Retired
7. Band of BrothersBoB 101922517Active
8. Deadly Alliance Clan=DAC= From The Ashes922517Retired
9. SAW Gaming[SAW]Pun1sh3rs911713Retired
10. Rise Against GamingrA`Destruction910812Retired
Group H
1. Revo GamingReVo | Renegades871030Retired
2. eXecutables-xG-.eXe861127Active
3. eVeSportseVe~ZA|Dragons860226Retired
4. Sons Of Anarchy-Men Of MaYhem(SOA) dArKn3Ss850323Retired
5. Band of BrothersBoB cDc841320Retired
6. Unity Fusion GamingU.F.G Delta831418Retired
7. 5th Element Assassins5eA-232-811612Retired
8. KASONKSTeam Elite Force811612Retired
9. Dragons of War[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ80088Retired
10. Vympel VeGaVeGa-V-00000Retired
Group I
1. Brotherhood of RebellionBRDark Knights870129Active
2. Konsentrasie Knights|KK|Knights870128Retired
3. Team ImmersioniM'Smashers851224Retired
4. Deviation Gaming[DvG]e'QuaLLatRiuM851224Retired
5. RequiemrQ` Addiction842222Retired
6. Brotherhood of RebellionBRRazerz830516Active
7. Vows of Vengeance VoVNot in Vain820614Retired
8. Crude Rude And KinkyCraK|El Diablo810711Retired
9. Revo GamingReVo | Nihilist80088Retired
10. Dragons of War[DoW]Flatus Draco|ƒÐ00000Retired
Group J
1. Bravado Gamingbvd™ Aurora550020Retired
2. Veneration E-SportsVnR - Aequitas540117Retired
3. eXecutables-xG-Sons Of B!tches521212Retired
4. Problem Gaming[P].Solvers521212Retired
5. 5th Element Assassins5eA||VoiD51047Retired
6. Tainted Sanity[TaSa]Red Team 50054Active
7. Vympel VeGaVeGa -A-00000Retired
7. Dead Zone GamingDzG|Masters00000Retired
7. LabRats_ZALRat Alpha00000Retired
7. Ons Gooi MieliesOGM_Alpha00000Retired

Pick and Play (in any week) 29 Jan - 25 Mar
Group A
OpG . Zie KaiservsBoB Band of Sisters
(SOA) DawnvsFataltyBO2
Group B
BoB-eTd-vsbvd™ X51
CraK|El MatadorvsEZC-BO2
CSA.Bushido*vssG ` `Shadows
NeveR.Rockstar EnergyvsKT//|KS|
[]=BUDTeddiesvseVe~ZA~RAMPAGE [XL]
Group C
5eA Dragonsvs[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ
ROCC |NapalmvsSAF*DeamonHunters
sG ` ~Ronin Ninja'svsTBLDream Crushers
Group D
=F8N=ICUvseVo_za `vipeR#
OpG .BlitzenKriegersvs[A10] Vanguards
sBR CLaW (A)vsVoV_Sons of Chaos_
Group E
OS BO2 vsaR| diVinity
Group F
=BFB=RegiMent 2013vs[TE] seems Legit
ROCC |Dark KnightsvsFoV|Cataclysm
Group G
iNv` vseVo_za `RaiD
BoB 101vsrA`Destruction
=ASF=qwevseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]
eN.Blazevs=DAC= From The Ashes
Group H
BoB cDcvs[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ
ReVo | RenegadesvsKSTeam Elite Force
(SOA) dArKn3SsvsU.F.G Delta
Group I
rQ` AddictionvsBRRazerz
ReVo | NihilistvsCraK|El Diablo
BRDark Knightsvs[DvG]e'QuaLLatRiuM
VoVNot in Vainvs|KK|Knights
Group J
-xG-Sons Of B!tchesvs[TaSa]Red Team
VnR - Aequitasvsbvd™ Aurora

Week 1 29 Jan - 4 Feb
Group A
BoB*EDGE*vs(SOA) Dawn
OpG . Zie KaiservsFataltyBO2
Group B
[]=BUDTeddiesvsNeveR.Rockstar Energy
sG ` `ShadowsvsEZC-BO2
CraK|El Matadorvsbvd™ X51
Group C
5eA DragonsvssG ` ~Ronin Ninja's
VnR - BoWvsROCC |Napalm
Group D
VoV_Sons of Chaos_vsCRT | TeZa
[Y!A]WalkersvsOpG .BlitzenKriegers
eVo_za `vipeR#vs[A10] Vanguards
Group E
OS BO2 vsxG.RazoR
Group F
=BFB=RegiMent 2013vseVo_za`voiD
ROCC |Dark KnightsvsST. Distruzione
[TE] seems Legitvs|KK|Kryptics
Group G
eVe~ZA~ARES [XL]vs=DAC= From The Ashes
BoB 101vs5eA||Elite
eVo_za `RaiDvs[SAW]Pun1sh3rs
Group H
5eA-232-vs[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ
-xG-.eXevsU.F.G Delta
eVe~ZA|Dragonsvs(SOA) dArKn3Ss
BoB cDcvsKSTeam Elite Force
Group I
VoVNot in VainvsrQ` Addiction
BRDark KnightsvsCraK|El Diablo
Group J
VnR - Aequitasvs[TaSa]Red Team

Week 2 5 Feb - 11 Feb
Group A
BoB Band of SistersvsrQ` Undefined
BoB*EDGE*vsOpG . Zie Kaiser
ReVo | Mercenariesvs(SOA) Dawn
Group B
BoB-eTd-vsCraK|El Matador
sG ` `Shadowsvsbvd™ X51
NeveR.Rockstar EnergyvseVe~ZA~RAMPAGE [XL]
Group C
SAF*DeamonHuntersvs[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ
TBLDream CrushersvsROCC |Napalm
Group D
=F8N=ICUvs[A10] Vanguards
[Y!A]WalkersvseVo_za `vipeR#
OpG .BlitzenKriegersvssBR CLaW (A)
Group E
aR| diVinityvsWARBOT-GS
Group F
=BFB=RegiMent 2013vs|KK|Kryptics
ROCC |Dark KnightsvseN.Frost
Group G
iNv` vs[SAW]Pun1sh3rs
BoB 101vseVo_za `RaiD
rA`Destructionvs=DAC= From The Ashes
eN.BlazevseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]
Group H
[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐvsKSTeam Elite Force
ReVo | Renegadesvs(SOA) dArKn3Ss
5eA-232-vsU.F.G Delta
Group I
iM'SmashersvsrQ` Addiction
ReVo | NihilistvsBRRazerz
CraK|El Diablovs|KK|Knights
VoVNot in Vainvs[DvG]e'QuaLLatRiuM
Group J
-xG-Sons Of B!tchesvsVnR - Aequitas

Week 3 12 Feb - 18 Feb
Group A
ReVo | MercenariesvsOpG . Zie Kaiser
BoB Band of SistersvsFataltyBO2
Group B
BoB-eTd-vsNeveR.Rockstar Energy
CSA.Bushido*vseVe~ZA~RAMPAGE [XL]
KT//|KS|vsbvd™ X51
CraK|El MatadorvssG ` `Shadows
Group C
sG ` ~Ronin Ninja'svsROCC |Napalm
VnR - BoWvs[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ
Group D
VoV_Sons of Chaos_vs=F8N=ICU
OpG .BlitzenKriegersvsCRT | TeZa
sBR CLaW (A)vseVo_za `vipeR#
[Y!A]Walkersvs[A10] Vanguards
Group E
Group F
=BFB=RegiMent 2013vsFoV|Cataclysm
eVo_za`voiDvsST. Distruzione
[TE] seems LegitvsROCC |Dark Knights
Group G
iNv` vseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]
5eA||Elitevs=DAC= From The Ashes
eVo_za `RaiDvs=ASF=qwe
BoB 101vs[SAW]Pun1sh3rs
Group H
U.F.G Deltavs[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ
ReVo | Renegadesvs-xG-.eXe
(SOA) dArKn3SsvsBoB cDc
Group I
[DvG]e'QuaLLatRiuMvsrQ` Addiction
VoVNot in VainvsCraK|El Diablo
BRDark KnightsvsBRRazerz
ReVo | NihilistvsiM'Smashers
Group J
bvd™ Auroravs5eA||VoiD

Week 4 19 Feb - 25 Feb
Group A
rQ` UndefinedvsFataltyBO2
BoB*EDGE*vsBoB Band of Sisters
Group B
BoB-eTd-vssG ` `Shadows
CraK|El MatadorvsKT//|KS|
[]=BUDTeddiesvsbvd™ X51
NeveR.Rockstar EnergyvsCSA.Bushido*
Group C
5eA DragonsvsSAF*DeamonHunters
TBLDream Crushersvs[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ
Group D
sBR CLaW (A)vs[A10] Vanguards
eVo_za `vipeR#vsCRT | TeZa
VoV_Sons of Chaos_vsFLSH.ZA
Group E
impi(BO2)vsaR| diVinity
Group F
ROCC |Dark Knightsvs|KK|Kryptics
FoV|CataclysmvsST. Distruzione
Group G
BoB 101vsiNv`
eVo_za `RaiDvs=DAC= From The Ashes
rA`DestructionvseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]
Group H
(SOA) dArKn3SsvsKSTeam Elite Force
-xG-.eXevsBoB cDc
ReVo | Renegadesvs5eA-232-
eVe~ZA|DragonsvsU.F.G Delta
Group I
ReVo | NihilistvsrQ` Addiction
BRDark KnightsvsiM'Smashers
CraK|El Diablovs[DvG]e'QuaLLatRiuM
Group J
[TaSa]Red Team vs5eA||VoiD

Week 5 26 Feb - 4 Mar
Group A
rQ` Undefinedvs(SOA) Dawn
ReVo | MercenariesvsBoB Band of Sisters
Group B
NeveR.Rockstar EnergyvsEZC-BO2
eVe~ZA~RAMPAGE [XL]vsbvd™ X51
CraK|El Matadorvs[]=BUDTeddies
sG ` `ShadowsvsKT//|KS|
Group C
5eA DragonsvsROCC |Napalm
sG ` ~Ronin Ninja'svs[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ
VnR - BoWvsSAF*DeamonHunters
Group D
OpG .BlitzenKriegersvsVoV_Sons of Chaos_
CRT | TeZavs[A10] Vanguards
[Y!A]WalkersvssBR CLaW (A)
Group E
OS BO2 vsimpi(BO2)
Group F
=BFB=RegiMent 2013vsST. Distruzione
[TE] seems LegitvseVo_za`voiD
Group G
5eA||ElitevseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]
eVo_za `RaiDvseN.Blaze
[SAW]Pun1sh3rsvs=DAC= From The Ashes
BoB 101vs=ASF=qwe
Group H
eVe~ZA|Dragonsvs[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ
ReVo | RenegadesvsU.F.G Delta
BoB cDcvs5eA-232-
-xG-.eXevsKSTeam Elite Force
Group I
CraK|El DiablovsrQ` Addiction
VoVNot in VainvsBRRazerz
ReVo | NihilistvsBRDark Knights
Group J
-xG-Sons Of B!tchesvs[P].Solvers
VnR - Aequitasvs5eA||VoiD

Week 6 5 Mar - 11 Mar
Group A
BoB*EDGE*vsrQ` Undefined
ReVo | MercenariesvsFataltyBO2
OpG . Zie Kaiservs(SOA) Dawn
Group B
sG ` `Shadowsvs[]=BUDTeddies
CraK|El MatadorvseVe~ZA~RAMPAGE [XL]
NeveR.Rockstar Energyvsbvd™ X51
Group C
5eA DragonsvsVnR - BoW
TBLDream CrushersvsSAF*DeamonHunters
Group D
sBR CLaW (A)vs=F8N=ICU
[Y!A]WalkersvsCRT | TeZa
VoV_Sons of Chaos_vseVo_za `vipeR#
OpG .BlitzenKriegersvsFLSH.ZA
Group E
rA`VengeancevsaR| diVinity
Group F
=BFB=RegiMent 2013vsROCC |Dark Knights
FoV|Cataclysmvs[TE] seems Legit
eN.FrostvsST. Distruzione
Group G
BoB 101vs=DAC= From The Ashes
eVo_za `RaiDvseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]
Group H
(SOA) dArKn3Ssvs[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ
5eA-232-vsKSTeam Elite Force
BoB cDcvsU.F.G Delta
eVe~ZA|DragonsvsReVo | Renegades
Group I
BRDark KnightsvsrQ` Addiction
ReVo | Nihilistvs|KK|Knights
VoVNot in VainvsiM'Smashers
Group J
[P].Solversvsbvd™ Aurora

Week 7 12 Mar - 18 Mar
Group A
OpG . Zie KaiservsrQ` Undefined
BoB*EDGE*vsReVo | Mercenaries
Group B
CSA.Bushido*vsbvd™ X51
NeveR.Rockstar EnergyvsCraK|El Matador
sG ` `ShadowsvseVe~ZA~RAMPAGE [XL]
Group C
ROCC |Napalmvs[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐ
sG ` ~Ronin Ninja'svsSAF*DeamonHunters
VnR - BoWvsTBLDream Crushers
Group D
OpG .BlitzenKriegersvs=F8N=ICU
eVo_za `vipeR#vsFLSH.ZA
VoV_Sons of Chaos_vs[A10] Vanguards
sBR CLaW (A)vsCRT | TeZa
Group E
rA`VengeancevsOS BO2
aR| diVinityvsdeF.bo2
Group F
=BFB=RegiMent 2013vseN.Frost
[TE] seems LegitvsST. Distruzione
Group G
eVo_za `RaiDvsrA`Destruction
eVe~ZA~ARES [XL]vs[SAW]Pun1sh3rs
BoB 101vseN.Blaze
=ASF=qwevs=DAC= From The Ashes
Group H
ReVo | Renegadesvs[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ
eVe~ZA|DragonsvsBoB cDc
U.F.G DeltavsKSTeam Elite Force
(SOA) dArKn3Ssvs-xG-.eXe
Group I
CraK|El DiablovsBRRazerz
ReVo | NihilistvsVoVNot in Vain
BRDark Knightsvs|KK|Knights
Group J
-xG-Sons Of B!tchesvsbvd™ Aurora
[P].Solversvs[TaSa]Red Team

Week 8 19 Mar - 25 Mar
Group A
ReVo | MercenariesvsrQ` Undefined
BoB Band of Sistersvs(SOA) Dawn
Group B
NeveR.Rockstar EnergyvssG ` `Shadows
CSA.Bushido*vsCraK|El Matador
EZC-BO2vsbvd™ X51
Group C
5eA DragonsvsTBLDream Crushers
sG ` ~Ronin Ninja'svsVnR - BoW
Group D
=F8N=ICUvsCRT | TeZa
[Y!A]WalkersvsVoV_Sons of Chaos_
FLSH.ZAvs[A10] Vanguards
OpG .BlitzenKriegersvseVo_za `vipeR#
Group E
aR| diVinityvsxG.RazoR
OS BO2 vsdeF.bo2
Group F
ROCC |Dark KnightsvseVo_za`voiD
|KK|KrypticsvsST. Distruzione
eN.Frostvs[TE] seems Legit
Group G
iNv` vs=DAC= From The Ashes
BoB 101vseVe~ZA~ARES [XL]
eVo_za `RaiDvs5eA||Elite
Group H
-xG-.eXevs[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐ
(SOA) dArKn3Ssvs5eA-232-
eVe~ZA|DragonsvsKSTeam Elite Force
ReVo | RenegadesvsBoB cDc
Group I
|KK|KnightsvsrQ` Addiction
VoVNot in VainvsBRDark Knights
ReVo | Nihilistvs[DvG]e'QuaLLatRiuM
CraK|El DiablovsiM'Smashers
Group J
-xG-Sons Of B!tchesvs5eA||VoiD
[P].SolversvsVnR - Aequitas
bvd™ Auroravs[TaSa]Red Team

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