Do Gaming BF3 League 2013 - Premier Division
Summer Leg - Online
Start Date:29 January 2013
Ending On:25 March 2013



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General League Rules
Battlefield 3 Rules

Results Log
1. Bravado Gamingbvd™ Battlefield990036Retired
2. Never Say Die[NSD]Sons Of Liberty980133Retired
3. Super Serial Gamers[SSG] Umshiniwam970230Retired
4. The Elite[TE]Infamous 950424Retired
5. Team ImmersioniM'Redemption950424Retired
6. Rebels From HellRFH Black Legion940521Active
7. Advanced Special Forces=ASF=AquilA940519Retired
8. Strength in Brotherhood[SiB]Hammer920715Active
9. GRRR Squad[grrr]Baggers910812Retired
10. Advanced Special Forces=ASF=Hawks.ECS90099Retired

Pick and Play 1 (play in any week) 29 Jan - 25 Mar
RFH Black LegionvsiM'Redemption
[NSD]Sons Of Libertyvs=ASF=AquilA
[SSG] Umshiniwamvsbvd™ Battlefield

Week 1 29 Jan - 4 Feb
bvd™ BattlefieldvsiM'Redemption
[SSG] Umshiniwamvs[grrr]Baggers
RFH Black Legionvs[NSD]Sons Of Liberty

Week 2 5 Feb - 11 Feb
[NSD]Sons Of LibertyvsiM'Redemption
RFH Black Legionvs[SiB]Hammer
[SSG] Umshiniwamvs[TE]Infamous
[grrr]Baggersvsbvd™ Battlefield

Week 3 12 Feb - 18 Feb
bvd™ Battlefieldvs[TE]Infamous
=ASF=AquilAvs[SSG] Umshiniwam
RFH Black Legionvs=ASF=Hawks.ECS
[NSD]Sons Of Libertyvs[SiB]Hammer

Week 4 19 Feb - 25 Feb
=ASF=Hawks.ECSvs[NSD]Sons Of Liberty
RFH Black Legionvs[SSG] Umshiniwam
=ASF=AquilAvsbvd™ Battlefield

Week 5 26 Feb - 4 Mar
[TE]Infamous vsiM'Redemption
RFH Black Legionvsbvd™ Battlefield
[NSD]Sons Of Libertyvs[SSG] Umshiniwam

Week 6 5 Mar - 11 Mar
[SiB]Hammervs[SSG] Umshiniwam
[NSD]Sons Of Libertyvsbvd™ Battlefield
RFH Black Legionvs[grrr]Baggers

Week 7 12 Mar - 18 Mar
RFH Black Legionvs[TE]Infamous
[NSD]Sons Of Libertyvs[grrr]Baggers
[SiB]Hammervsbvd™ Battlefield
=ASF=Hawks.ECSvs[SSG] Umshiniwam

Week 8 19 Mar - 25 Mar
[SSG] UmshiniwamvsiM'Redemption
=ASF=Hawks.ECSvsbvd™ Battlefield
[NSD]Sons Of Libertyvs[TE]Infamous
RFH Black Legionvs=ASF=AquilA

Announcements & Chat
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