Do Gaming League of Legends League 2013 - Registrations
Winter Leg Registrations
Entries Open:24 January 2013
Entries Close:27 May 2013
Start Date:4 June 2013
Ending On:29 July 2013



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Results Log
Kold Ocean Gamingk0`Deviation Retired
Void Tactics GamingVTG Void TacticsActive
SleePy NinJasSNiNzActive
TxC=TxC=ToXic CookiesActive
StoneWallTacticsST. FruitLoops Retired
StoneWallTacticsST. AFWRetired
Tempest Asylum-TmA-Rising TideRetired
Tempest Asylum-TmA-Trolls o DestinyRetired
League of FeedersLoF | #swagRetired
CrutchersCRT | Fap4FunActive
The Crímson VanguardCV First BladeActive
ChroniCCHC ChroniC GamingRetired
Assembled To PlayA2P Black HawksRetired
StoneWallTacticsST. White Moon Retired
StoneWallTacticsST. Sacred OrderRetired
Divided Motion [dM]Cradle to GraveRetired
Fearless Gaming ZA[FLG]HeroesRetired
Just Another HeadshotJahRond KOF spanRetired
Killing Time KT//Luna ZAActive
Dragons of War[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐRetired
Delta 5 Gaming D5g*Noobs Of LegendRetired
Just Another HeadshotJahLoRDsRetired
RM DigiDimeRMDD.LoLActive
Hazardous|HAZ| Slice n' DiceActive
Unleash LlamaLeash.ThreshActive
The Elite[TE] we Be SquishyActive
Evil League Of EvilELEzaTeam AActive
Heimerdinger Counters EverythingHCE LoLRetired
CRYNET GamingcN-HosDawg<.<Active
Inspired GaminginspiredShNRetired
Anarchy.IncAnarchy #YoloSquadRetired
StoneWallTacticsST. Taxi DriversRetired
Unity Fusion GamingU.F.G [EnD]Active
Critical Thinking CritTical ThinkingActive
CRYNET GamingcN-ReaperCr3wRetired
Sorted Gaming[sG]EclipseRetired
Immortal ForcesIFAlphaRetired
Just Another HeadshotJahDeath NotesRetired
Just Another HeadshotJahOM3G4Retired
BloemFtWinZaFsP PrimeActive
Batteries Not Included12VBatteriesNotIncRetired
KASONKSThe CollectorsRetired
Champ GamingChamP | RE VERARetired
Oldschool eSportsOS~RenegadesRetired
Opulens PotensOPULENS POTENSActive
Slaughter House SurpriseLaughterActive
Konsentrasie Knights|KK|KnightsRetired
Unleash LlamaLeash.LolActive
The GooN SquadGooN SquaDActive
In Teemo We TrustITWT-LoL TeamRetired
ROCCAT SA Online Community ClanROCC| ElementActive
Void Tactics GamingVTG Shock and AweRetired
Coalition gaming.BieBskingRetired
League of FeedersLoF | ManmodeRetired
Deviation Gaming[DvG]AcesRetired
Apple Tree GardensATG'AActive
Never Stop LaughingNSL Active
Damage Control[ DC ] LegendsRetired
PSYCHOPATHS Gaming Community-=PsY=-BliXRetired
StoneWallTacticsST. LoL WorthyRetired
StoneWallTacticsST. HFMRetired
Veneration E-SportsVnR - AtroXRetired
A10[A10] PanthersRetired
Tempest Asylum-TmA-Epic ForceRetired
The Elite[TE]Team of ControlRetired
Twilight CrusadersTCLoLActive
Youth Inspired Ascension[Y!A]HydraActive
ClanS-SA GaMInGCSA.JungleZyraRetired
Tempest Asylum-TmA-KingsRetired
Tempest Asylum-TmA-Lunar StormRetired
Fearless Gaming ZA[FLG]KingsActive
Apostles Of KenpachiaOk-Active
HotBox Gaming ™HBG │ HotBoxLoLRetired
Yolo Queueyoloq#Active
The Nerd HerdtNH MeeseRetired
Psychic MonkeysPsyApe LegendActive
InspirationiNsP LOLActive
ClanS-SA GaMInGCSA.craZyFoolsRetired

Announcements & Chat
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