Do Gaming League of Legends 2014
Do Gaming League of Legends 2014 - Summer Leg Registrations
Entries Open:10 December 2013
Entries Close:26 January 2014
Start Date:3 February 2014



The Do Gaming Leagues are run annually and consist of two legs, followed by Playoffs after each leg and then the Do Gaming Championships at the end of the Second Leg.
League of Legends is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena with each player picking a Champion battling it out against their opponent in order to see who can defeat the opponent first, expect to see many Missed varus ulti's and Jarvan IV dunk squads in this exciting league!

    • Fielded players: 5vs5
    • Players per team: 5
    • Reserves per team: 1 to 3
    • Round Robin
    • Bo3 Format

Registrations will be open from the 10th of December 2013to the 26th of January 2014

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LoL Rules
League of Legends Rules & Discussion

Results Log
Brevity GamingbVt[LoL]Active
Never Say Die[NSD]EnduranceRetired
Nemises GamingNeGa TEKIBARetired
Nemises GamingNeGa InvadersRetired
Twisted Gaming ZATWST LOLActive
Noobz Online GamingFlying DutchmenActive
To Be FearedTBFLolActive
Malleus TempusMTS IncudoRetired
BloodBladeEdge[BBE] DeltaXforceActive
Deadly DurbanitesDDurbs LegendsActive
The Manhattan ProjectTMPManhattanProjectRetired
Noobz Online GamingNoobzRetired
Soek Nie Kak NieSnKn-LoLRetired
The Mediocre MenMM Mediocre MenActive
NamIslandNAMisl Welcomes YouRetired
The Elite[TE]GLHFRetired
Clan PoefP4d Poef 4 DaysActive
Care4GamersC4g#Muffin SquadActive
Team No DramaTND OriginsActive
Hazardous|HAZ| Hack n' Slash Active
xXAdventure TimeXxxRRVxAdventure TimeActive
Cheese For DinnerCfDLopsided GrinRetired
Too Many Zerglings-TMZ- ZerglingsRetired
Sorted Gaming[sG]EclipseRetired
Unity Fusion GamingU.F.G ACERetired
Heimerdinger Counters EverythingHCEtheDongerActive
Argent Gaming||Ag||BenchpressRetired
The Nerd HerdtNH BadgerActive
KGB Gaming-KGB-NinjaMindsRetired
Fearless Gaming ZA[FLG]HeroesRetired
Team eSperaeSpera.LoLActive
MaD HattersMaDWhite KnightsRetired
ViNCO GamingVnCoHalfBlakzRetired
NightFallNFall NightFallRetired
Rise Against GamingrA`TrojansRetired
MaD HattersMaDExecutionerRetired
Just Th3 TipJTT Just Th3 TipActive
Energy eSportseN.Re VeraActive
The Foul Bachelor's Club[FBC]One-Eyed JacksRetired
Team ImmersioniM'StylingRetired
StoneWallTacticsST. Taxi DriversRetired
Pulse GamingpuLse.ElucidRetired
The Nerd HerdtNH LlamaActive
Psychic MonkeysPsyApe LegendActive
Boating Sea LionsBSL [LoL]Active
KGB Gaming-KGB-TwistedFableRetired
RM DigiDimeRMDD.LoLActive
BloodLust Gaming[l3Lg]RedemptionActive
Cold Clutch Gaming [CCG] | NovaRetired
PSYCHOPATHS Gaming Community-=PsY=-SCRetired
Youth Inspired Ascension[Y!A]TyphoonActive
MaD HattersMaDTwo Five & SevenRetired
Protectors Of ThartarosDmiGods of LeagueRetired
Divided Motion [dM]ChaotixRetired
Delta 5 Gaming D5g*INSomniaRetired
StoneWallTacticsST. ParanoiaRetired
Assembled To PlayA2P DongersRetired
Armor Legion Gaming|ALG|Withered BaneRetired
MaD HattersMaDCourtiersRetired
Like A Sir-=LAS=- (LOL)Active
Pixel GamingPiXel//ElysiumRetired
Tempest Asylum-TmA-Tough TeddiesRetired
Fearless Gaming ZA[FLG]S0UL R3Ap3RsActive
Apple Tree GardensATG'AActive
Drugs n' EnergydNe|LoLActive
The Nerd HerdtNH SheepActive
Critical Thinking CritTical ThinkingActive
Richards RydersDRide1Active
Fighting Force/ff Silver Inc.Retired
Fools In Shining ArmorF1SA - LoLActive
7 Elements Gaming7EL Cov. of ElementRetired
7 Elements Gaming7EL NitroCideRetired
Void Tactics GamingVTG Void TacticsActive
The Elite[TE] we Be SquishyActive
Delta 5 Gaming D5g*SA Ping 220Retired
Batteries Not Included12VBatteriesNotIncRetired
Argent Gaming||Ag||GuardiansActive
The GooN SquadGooN SquaDActive
Taccor GamingTcR #YoloSquadActive
StoneWallTacticsST. ThunderRetired
Just Another HeadshotJahNeon GamingRetired
Youth Inspired Ascension[Y!A]HydraActive
Tempest Asylum-TmA-AllianceRetired
Extreme RusheR`Game is HardRetired
Renegade GamingReN~VenerationActive
Team zXc MaelstromzXc™Kung-Fu PentaRetired
M21M21 BravoRetired
Assembled To PlayA2P Black HawksRetired
Team ImmersioniM'UnleashRetired
Skyline GamingSLG|eXile KnightsActive
Damage Control[ DC ] LegendsRetired
OverPowered eSportsovrpwrd| DefusionActive
MaD HattersMaDRavenActive
Unity Fusion GamingU.F.G [EnD]Active
Dragons of War[DoW]Ignus Draco|ÏÐRetired
Relativity RTY|LoLRetired
League of FeedersLoF | #swagRetired
Fearless Gaming ZA[FLG]KingsActive
Dragons of War[DoW]Flatus Draco|ƒÐRetired
Dragons of AnarchyDRAG-LOLActive
Tempest Asylum-TmA-Pure ForceRetired
Delta 5 Gaming D5g*Phoenix SquadRetired
Deviation Academy[DvA]AmadeusRetired
Burst DamageBD_LoLActive
Dragons of War[DoW]Aqua Draco|ÃÐRetired

Announcements & Chat
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