2014 Telkom DGL Dota 2 - Playoffs
Winter Leg - Premier Playoff
Start Date:23 July 2014
Ending On:18 August 2014


Welcome to the Premier Playoffs!

You will only have four weeks to play these games.
Please organize well in advance.

Playoff Dates
Starting Date: 23 July 2014
Ending Date: 17 August 2014

Playoff format:
Best of One (Bo1)

Win: 4
Lose: 1
Forfeit: 0

The top 2 teams per group will be promoted to the Premier Division as well as qualify for the Telkom Do Gaming Championships.

The lower 6 per group will be demoted to First Division and qualify for the DGC Playoffs.

The five players whom played the most matches for you during the Winter Leg (check your line-up history in your clan profile) are now your new core players. Ensure at least three of those 5 core players stay within your team during the playoffs.

Any new players you field during the playoffs who were not fielded in a match as part of your team during the Winter Leg, must remain in your team until the transfer window in the 2015 Season. This is very important to remember! This is a rule to prevent once-off subs.

The rosters lock on 28th of July and will remain locked until the end of the playoffs. Ensure you make the needed changes before then as a mistake or bad management could damage your chances at qualifying for the Championships!

For the Championship LAN you will need at least three core players.

Results Log
Group A
1. Liberty EsportsLiB•Full on Jukes440100.00%16Active
2. Team ImmersioniM'Groot43175.00%13Retired
3. BerZerK GamingBzK-Fusion-X42250.00%10Active
4. PingPingHere, Tp There4130.00%7Active
5. Against All OddsAAO//Dota24040.00%3Retired
6. Midas GamingMG_Dota 20000.00%0Retired
6. Another ClanAC Dota 0000.00%0Retired
6. viViD eSports√√#10000.00%0Retired
Group B
1. Ventus GamingVentus®65183.33%21Active
2. Xperts@Total.ChaosxTc.Rain65175.00%21Active
3. DUCDUC!64266.67%18Active
4. Blowupdoll[]=BUD Hydra eSports64260.00%18Retired
5. StoneWallTacticsST. Veneration62433.33%12Retired
6. Some Random Slackerssrs.d26150.00%9Active
7. Sounds LegitTSL - Alpha6060.00%4Active
8. Damage Control[ DC ] oBi0000.00%0Retired

Match 1
Group A
AAO//Dota2vsLiB•Full on Jukes
PingHere, Tp TherevsBzK-Fusion-X
Group B
[]=BUD Hydra eSportsvssrs.d2
DUC!vsST. Veneration

Match 2
Group A
PingHere, Tp TherevsLiB•Full on Jukes
Group B
TSL - AlphavsxTc.Rain
Ventus®vsST. Veneration

Match 3
Group A
PingHere, Tp TherevsAAO//Dota2
iM'GrootvsLiB•Full on Jukes
Group B
[]=BUD Hydra eSportsvsTSL - Alpha
ST. VenerationvsxTc.Rain

Match 4
Group A
PingHere, Tp TherevsiM'Groot
Group B
ST. VenerationvsTSL - Alpha
DUC!vs[]=BUD Hydra eSports

Match 5
Group A
Group B
DUC!vsTSL - Alpha
Ventus®vs[]=BUD Hydra eSports
ST. Venerationvssrs.d2

Match 6
Group A
Group B
srs.d2vsTSL - Alpha
[]=BUD Hydra eSportsvsxTc.Rain

Match 7
Group A
BzK-Fusion-XvsLiB•Full on Jukes
Group B
Ventus®vsTSL - Alpha
ST. Venerationvs[]=BUD Hydra eSports

Announcements & Chat
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